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Sunday, December 13, 2015

TUSAL December 2015


Here we are again - new moon, new month... end of the TUSAL year!  I can't believe how quickly 2015 has flown by!

My ORT's picture this month is all about the season.... Christmas/Holiday season that is, and as you can see the ORT's have been consorting with the Elves and Angels this month....

You probably can't see the ORT's very well but there is a lot of brown sitting in the little tin... I am still stitching on my creepy tree!  Hopefully the tree will be finished this week and I can finally get a more festive WIP out to stitch on in the days leading up to Christmas.

Until next time, happy stitching!

Hugs xx

Essentially TUSAL posts are all about stitching and saving our ORT's (Old Raggety Threads) and every New Moon those of us participating in the TUSAL post a picture of our ORT's, and then leave little msgs for Daffycat on her blog to show that we have been stitching and have posted our wonderful pics.  I haven't heard yet whether Daffycat is going to host the 2016 TUSAL, but in the meantime pop over to Daffycat's blog to see the links for everyone's last 2015 Totally Useless SAL (TUSAL) update.  

New Moons - 2016
List coming soon.....


  1. Such a lovely display of your out containers this month.

  2. Love the display and yes I can see them.

  3. I bet those elves will find a good use for the ORT's this time of year, always a nice ornament that needs an extra bit of stuffing. Great pic!

  4. What a festive display, you're so ready for Christmas!

  5. I see the ORTs, and what a lovely display.

  6. Lovely display! Happy stitching!

  7. Love your Festive display Leonie... can't wait to see the creepy tree!


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