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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Boxing Day

Well the rush and panic leading up to Christmas Day is now all over.... today is the day to relax... unless you are like us and now have round 2 of Christmas happening today!  We have Hubby's son and son's girlfriend coming over for lunch today as they spent Christmas with the girlfriend's parents, so as soon as I finish this post it will be time to start preparing Christmas Lunch part 2!!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas Day... and that the Christmas Stitching Fairy was kind!

Last time I posted I promised that I would show you my new needle minders...

First up we have some new ones that I ordered from Gina (Gina's Unique Needleminders).

Then I found another lady on FB who does some amazing needle minders and she has having a sale.... so.... I went a wee bit silly!

These beauties are from Nifty Needle Nannies... Julie has some very different ones to what I have seen on other FB pages and I just could not resist!

I have no idea what I will do with this many minders as to be honest I don't really use them for my needle as I have a magnetic strip that sits on the top of my needle box and I tend to put the needle on that with the needer threader.... but they look pretty and they are actually useful for holding the chart when I am stitching on my larger pieces :o)

Remember I mentioned a couple of times that I was waiting for a package from Russia and I thought it must have been lost in the mail as it hadn't arrived... well guess what?  It must have been on a very slow boat from Russia to Australia as 4 1/2 months after posting it finally arrived in my post box!

Lots of lovely goodies from Lena... just in time for Christmas!  Thanks Lena - it is great to get the package especially as I had given it up as lost some time ago :o)

Well that's it for today... I am going to try and spend some time over the last days of 2015 planning what my stitching will be for 2016 especially seeing as I am planning to do the January Challenge again!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a nice quiet and calmer Boxing Day.

Til next time, happy stitching


  1. Great minders! I use mine for holding my floss list as well

  2. Very blingy needle minders. Love them:)

  3. I have a few needle minders as well, but like you I don't actually use them either, I just like collecting them! some of them are so cute :)

  4. Wonderful needle minders , have a lovely meal with your family hugs.

  5. Wow great needle minders...
    Enjoy your lovely day dear
    Love you x

  6. Love your needle minders. Have a lovely day:)

  7. Have a very merry Christmas #2! I hope you share your 2016 plans with us. I love reading about other stitchers' plans.

  8. I hope your second celebration was grand!
    Your needle minders are great! Most especially that pink poodle!!

  9. I fell in love with needle minders this past year too. You sure got some pretty ones. Merry Christmas! I look forward to seeing what you pick to stitch.

  10. I hope you've had a super time with your family.
    What a collection of needle minders....fabulous

  11. Your needle minders are so pretty, no wonder you got hooked on them. What a nice Christmas surprise from Russia. Hope you enjoy a relaxing Christmas #2 :)

  12. Your needle minders are pretty. So glad that your package from Russia arrived.

  13. What gorgeous minders! I don't use them either but do like to see them on other people's work.
    And hurrah for the postal service finally getting your parcel to you! I expect Lena is very relieved too, she has sent you some lovely things.

  14. Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself, a pretty christmas present:-)
    Happy your parcel came after all this time, really unbelievable that it can take that long to travel! But am i missing the MS piece in this picture?

  15. That's a great new collection of needle minders that you have bought. And it doesn't matter if you use them or not, they are just beautiful.
    Lucky you that the parcel finally arrived. It must have travelled around the world several times and must have seen many countries, lol.
    Looking forward to seeing what you are planning for next year.

  16. OMG those minders are awesome, really love the unicorn.
    My sweet little DD is crazy for unicorns, Now I see and make so many unicorns, I begin to like them too.. hihihi
    Now you can never lose another needle again!!
    have fun choosing you projects for 2016...
    BUT how many you still have from this year??and you will start so many new one :o :o
    How many room do you have for all your WIP's????

  17. Oh my goodness Noni!! Those minders are so pretty!!! I can see why you couldn't decide between them!
    Hope your Boxing Day lunch went well and that you have an absolute AWESOME new years!


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