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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween
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Yep, today is Halloween.... and while we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia as much as other countries it has certainly started to gain some popularity recently.... and I am more than happy to jump on the bandwagon!!

Today's post is two-fold - firstly I will show you my Friday Frolics stitching from last night and then it's onto my Halloween bit....

As you would have read on previous posts, Friday Night is all about frolicing around with our WIP's and then posting what we have stitched on the "Friday Frolics" blog which is hosted by Kaye (Kitten Stitching).

Last night I stitched on my Margaret Sherry Christmas Mouse.... Mouse number 3!  Yes, you're right that means number 2 is finished :o) (will show you a pic shortly of the finished mouse #2)

So when I started stitching on Mouse #3 last night he looked like this:

Before Friday night's stitching
and after some stitching last night he now looks like this:
After Friday night's stitching
I am now on the backstitching of this design so fingers crossed I will get it finished sometime today (or early tomorrow morning while watching the Wallabies game!!)

As I mentioned earlier I finished Christmas Mouse #2 this week,

MS Christmas Mouse #2 - Designer Margaret Sherry
Isn't it amazing what you can achieve when you focus on one thing at a time!

My Meerkats all dressed up in their Halloween Finery!!

Now who's ready for a Halloween Blog Hop?  Yep, you got it right - it's time for Serendipitous Jo's Annual Halloween Blog Hop......

Each year Jo asks all the participants to show a picture of something Halloween related that they have stitched and she also sends us a Letter for a the mystery phrase - so now you need to write down my letter.... and then click on the link below to go to the next blog on the hop.  If you get lost head back to Jo's blog and she will have all the blogs playing along listed in order so you can make sure that you are on the right track!

 Now for the reveal... my letter is:
(web image)
Rather appropriate for someone who's name starts with an "L", don't you think?

I love Halloween stitching because it generally incorporates my two favourite colours - orange and purple together!!  Over the last couple of years I have stitched one or two pieces for the Halloween SAL Blog and while I have a couple of favourites I have to show you my absolute favourite Halloween stitch so far....

Margaret Sherry Halloween Kitty
I stitched this kitty a couple of years ago for an exchange... it is a Margaret Sherry design (no surprise there!) and I added the bat border before making it into a pillow backed by the halloween fabric that you can almost see in the background of the photo.  Original post about the exchange is linked here

So, now that you have finished with my part of the Halloween Blog Hop it's time for you to fly over to the next blog on the hop.... say hi to Lenore at Needle, Pen and Sword for me....

Well that's it from me for today....

Hope you have a great Halloween, stay safe and happy stitching
Hugs xx

Go the Wallabies!!! Good luck boys in your campaign to bring home the Webb Ellis Cup


  1. Happy Halloween Noni!! We're the same here....it's not as big a holiday as in the States but seems to be growing in popularity ......and I don't much mind! Your MS mice are adorable....yay for the finish! And you kitty......sweet! The bat border is really clever :)
    And on a non stitchy related note.....good luck to your boys later! I'll be routing for your side!

  2. what sweet stitchings Noni...happy halloween....

  3. Happy Halloween Noni ♥ Your stitchery is so sweet ♥

  4. Happy Halloween , great stitching.

  5. Gorgeous mice there Leonie - & I'm with you on the Halloween stitching, it's the one theme that can happily combine colours that would not usually be put together... I'm not managing much stitching at the moment so I guess I'm somewhat of a Failed Frolic-er

  6. Halloween is not a big holiday over here either, its popularity has just grown over the years among the young people and in the big cities. Nothing where I live :)
    Somehow it doesn't durprise me that your favourite Haloween piece is by Margaret Sherry. So sweet, this little cat. Just as sweet as the Christmas mice.

  7. Wow ! A great post , so beautifully mixed. I like that with you always like . Halloween is here in Germany also increasing in popularity . Your Christmas mouse is so sweet and then the pumpkin , gorgeous .
    Applause for so much beautiful stuff .
    Wish you a great weekend
    Greetings Sandra

  8. What a sweet little KITTY.. Happy Halloween

  9. Oh, how sweet is your Halloween cat? It's just so gorgeous, as is your little Christmas mouse of course. Thanks for taking part in the Blog Hop and enjoy watching the Wallabies! :)

  10. Happy Halloween! Your Margaret Sherry designs are so cute. I love your Halloween kitty!

  11. Such adorable stitching! Happy Halloween.

  12. Lovely stitching. Good luck finishing your mouse.

  13. Happy Halloween :). Your mouse looks great!

  14. Halloween seems to be losing popularity in our area as we're out in the country & our hamlet doesn't get too many children coming through. My children don't mind much though as it means left over goodies for them. Haha.

    Your Christmas Mice are cute.

  15. Thanks for taking part in the blog hop this year. I didn't plan the letters, I'd have given you N in that case!
    Love your MS animals, they are so cute.

  16. Hi Noni,
    Visiting you from the blog hop! Nice to meet you!
    Love your mice - I don't enjoy adding backstitch, I have a Tatty Teddy, finished, and tucked away waiting for his backstitch - yuk! Fantastic Halloween cat. (I have MS Christmas cat that I stitched, must search him out this year.)
    Happy Halloween!
    Barbara xx

  17. Halloween Kitty is so adorable!

  18. Love the Margaret Sherry designs - they're just so appealing.

  19. Lovely stitching!AriadnefromGreece!

  20. Wonderful stitching. The mice are so cute and I just love the cat in the pumpkin.

  21. Boo and happy Halloween! What a lovely little cat you got there ^_^ *hops along*

  22. Cute Halloween Kitty! It was a funny Saturday with this hop and fancy dresses, make-up and candies. I encouraged Wallabies Team till the end! Bisous xxx

  23. Great Hallowe'en post and unfortunately, the All Blacks did it again!

  24. Lovely to meet you on the blog hop. The Margaret Sherry halloween kitty is very sweet. x

  25. I'm hopping by on the Halloween hop. Beautiful stitching! Love your Halloween pillow. Adorable.

  26. Love your Halloween kitty from MS!!! It looks sooo cute!!

  27. Cute little Christmas kitty's and such a fun Halloween pillow too.

  28. Great post, love the Christmas mouse and cat, lovely work.

  29. Hope you had a great Halloween!!
    One more mouse done, now only that nr 3!


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