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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer Postcard Blog Hop

Today's post is devoted to Summer.... and boy, do we need a visit from Summer - today has started off very foggy and damp and now it is raining.... but then it is Winter down-under so I shouldn't be at all surprised by today's weather! Although strangely we have so far had quite a mild Winter and when the sun is out and there isn't a cold wind blowing, it has been so gorgeous outside

Of course if it's Winter down my way.... then it must be Summer in the Northern Hemisphere! Goes without saying really, doesn't it?

Why am I talking about the weather?  Well, I mention this because I recently signed up to participate in Jo's (Serendipitous Stitching) annual Summer Blog Hop. The theme of this year's Summer Blog Hop is Pets (a theme dear to my heart ).  We all sent an email to Jo with something that we have stitched (or crafted) which relates to a pet that we have (or had) and a little message about what pets mean to us.

The blog hop has now started and I am the first cab off the rank to receive a Pet inspired Summer postcard!

This is the postcard that I received from Cheryl:

Cheryl blogs over at "Today I Found...." and the message that she sent along with her postcard is:

I have enjoyed the company of cats all my life.  I remember there always being 5 cats around at any given time during my childhood. 
Funny thing ... I currently have 5 kitty friends that I visit with on a regular basis.  They are "alley cats" who live with various neighbors all sharing the alley that runs between our buildings. 
The cat sampler pictured is one that I designed a few years ago.  I am sharing the pattern on my website here: http://hobbyloco.com/patterns/cat_sampler.html
Enjoy! ~ Cheryl

Thank you Cheryl for sending such a sweet postcard for the blog hop.... and thank you for the link to your lovely freebie kitty sampler.

I wonder who will receive my postcard..... stay tuned to Jo's blog to find out who is next on the blog hop list for a postcard.

Til next time, happy stitching
Hugs xx


  1. Thanks for taking part in the Summer Postcard this year. I really liked Cheryl's thoughtfulness of giving us all a gift!

  2. What a lovely postcard you received. And yes, it's definitely summer here. Much too much summer for me as at 30°C and more I don't really function, lol.

  3. HIp, hip, hip, hourrah ! Summer Postcard BH began with the lovely design from Cheryl. 39C° yesterday here not used to so big T° 102.2 F !!!

  4. Hooray! I am happy you like my postcard. I am enjoying my visit to your blog and seeing your sweet kitties and lovely projects. Happy blog hop!

  5. Hooray! Do you know I have had Cheryl's chart printed off for a very long time now. I plan to stitch it up. It is so sweet. :)

  6. Replies
    1. I love it.... enjoy the rest of the summer blog hop! :o)

  7. Hooray another hop underway and the chance to meet new blogs

    1. I agree with your comment! Love blog hops :o)

  8. That's a great postcard! Looking forward to reading new blogs.

  9. Another fun adventure with Jo....

  10. How exciting to be the first Summer postcard - Jo's bloghops are always so much fun, aren't they? I love Cheryl's design and how cool that we can all stitch it now, if we wish!

  11. I've hopped over here in the blog hop... nice to meet you!
    A lovely chart from Cheryl that we can all stitch.
    I'll be back .....

  12. What a lovely idea, and beautifull card!!!
    Can't wait too see what you made

  13. I hopped over on the blog hop. What a beautiful blog you have. Love the cat sampler. Can't wait to see what's next.


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