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Friday, July 17, 2015

It's sign up day for FNSI & IHSW!

Well.... this is a first for me!  Friday Night Sew In (FNSI).... held on the third Friday of every month!

I have seen this monthly event around on Blog and FB for some time now, but have never got around to signing up and posting about it - but this month I saw the link up post on Wendy's blog in plenty of time!  So now that I have signed up, I just need to get ready for a good Friday stitching marathon - not that I need an excuse to stitch on a Friday night!! :o)

This is probably one of the simplest SAL's to join.... just sign up for the party and on Friday Night (tonight) join in the stitching fun in any way, shape or form, stitch to your heart's content and then share your Friday night stitching pics on a blog post some time over the weekend.

Stage 2 of the party fun is to visit everyone else over the weekend to see what they got up to on Friday night!  After all the fun of the weekend, check back in to Wendy's blog (Sugarlane Designs) on Monday night to see who has won this month’s FNSI randomly drawn prize.

See, I told you it was easy.... I will be stitching tonight anyway so I thought I might as well sign up for the fun of the party.

If you want to join in, go over to Wendy's blog and sign up - the link is right here!  Will see you at the party!

Who needs another reason to stitch all weekend??  Not me, but I will take whatever excuse is on offer to prove that I just have to stitch all weekend, especially as the weather forecast is for a very wet, cold wintery weekend here this weekend!!

So as I mentioned before, today is the third Friday of the month - so that also means that this weekend is IHSW!

Joyce has now posted her sign up post for this weekend... hurry on over and link up for a great weekend of stitching!  And don't forget to visit everyone's blog that is taking part in IHSW from Monday when all those lovely pics and posts will start appearing!

Have a great weekend of stitching... see you on the other side!!

Enjoy your Friday, see you soon....
Hugs xx


butterfly said...

Look forward to see what you are stitched all weekend .
I would love to stich all weekend but DH may not be happy but I will get a little in Ha.

Justine said...

I might just join you! Hubby has just been asked to work away until Sunday so that means two evenings in, boys in bed, needle at the ready!

Preeti said...

I wish I could, but all I do is complain about my failures to execute these two SALs:(
Good luck to you !! Enjoy the night through weekend until Monday morning :)