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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Look what I found hiding in a pillow case...

I don't know about you but I have a number of WIP's that I started many moons ago - really I think I should now be calling them UFO's!

Some of these WIP's/UFO's I had completely forgotten about until now.... Long story short....
Hubby works from home so we decided to renovate and re-organised 2 of our spare bedrooms for him to use for his office and meeting space - this have been done over the last couple of months.  So last weekend when we started to sort through all the old "stuff" that had been in the bedrooms and was sitting in the lounge during the reno's, I came across an old pillow case that had a number of scroll frames wrapped up in it.... and on the scroll frames were a number of WIP's (now UFO's) that I had started way back in the dim dark ages (late 1990's or early 2000's), which I had put away for various reasons and never picked up again..... as often happens when you move house and change lives!

Now I don't yet know which ones of these I will actually stitch on again, but I thought I would show you them all anyway and bow my head in shame!

1. Country Companions - Emily
This design was published in the UK Needlecraft magazine back in March 1998.  Not sure when I started this but it was probably in 1998 or 1999.  I don't even remember why I stopped stitching on this one...

As you can see I do have quite a way to go... but she is very cute so maybe I will pick her up again soon and try and finish her.  I think from memory that I may have started stitching her when my niece Emily was born.... Maybe I should finish it for her 21st birthday in 3 years time!

2. To Love and To Cherish
This design I started stitching for my brother just after he got married - it was going to be an Anniversary gift for them... but I didn't get very far with it as all the white and cream was so frustrating so I put it away.  Then a couple of years or so after they got married they split up.... so maybe the universe was telling me something when I was struggling with the stitching on this one!!

Unfortunately this lovely design I think will be confined to the "never to be finished" pile....

3. Jingle Bell Joy
What can I can say about this one?  It was almost finished when I stopped stitching on it... The design comes from an old Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Collection magazine.  1996 was the year of the magazine but I don't remember when I started it - about 2001 I think.  I was stitching this for a friend's baby as a Christmas gift (now here comes the change of life bit!) however, when I split from my first husband I no longer saw those "so-called" friends, so "Jingle Bell Joy" was bundled up and put away!  I think I might put this back into my stitching rotation at some point as it is such a sweet design...

Once Teddy is done this would make a lovely wall hanging for Christmas... I don't think I will attempt to turn it into a stocking - the old sewing skills aren't that good!!

4. Beatrix Potter - Storybook Sampler
I love Beatrix Potter!  When I first saw this design I just had to stitch it... I started stitching this for the same family as the UFO above... and for the same reason I stopped stitching it...

One day I will get back to this one as I just love those cute characters.

5. World Maps - Egypt
The map of Egypt.... Egypt is right at the top of my bucket list of places to visit!  I love most things Egyptian and just had to stitch this when I saw the design advertised in a magazine.  This is stitched on evenweave and I suspect (may be wrong) that this was my first step away from Aida....

One day I think I will go back to this one... I only stopped stitching on it when I bundled up all my stitching at the end of my previous life!

6. The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
Another Egyptian design.... this one was in the UK Cross Stitcher magazine back in June 2001, and I am pretty sure I would have started stitching this around the same time as the map of Egypt above.

I don't really know if I will finish this one...it sort of doesn't do much for me any more.... but then again who knows I might decide to give it another go!

7. "Night" - Maria van Scharrenburg
I have both of these designs in my stash pile - "Night" and "Day" by Maria van Scharrenburg.  I started this one about 8 years ago (I think) and was doing really well.... but as with most designs that have too much white or cream I get bored and put them away when the lack of colour starts to annoy me!  I also found that this one was hard to stitch on as the scroll frame stand that I have it on was giving me terrible back and shoulder pain.... no excuse I know!

I probably should get back to this design - both Day and Night are so gorgeous and would look lovely all finished...

Ok... confession time is now over!  Next post will be all about the active WIP's that I have on the go!

Til then, happy stitching!
Hugs xx


  1. Some of your UFOs are looking very dated but some are calling out to be stitched, especially that last one. It really is beautiful.
    There used to be an Adopt an Orphan group on FB (or something similar) where people offered started projects to other people to buy.

  2. It's so easy to do - I have a couple of unfinished stitching although my main problem is stitching that I have completed but done nothing with :-/

    I have been very grateful to the members of Needlecraft Haven to help me get stuff stitched, especially Julie who encourages everyone to pick up those UGOs at the weekend http://needlecrafthaven.yuku.com/directory

  3. A walk down stitching memory lane.Our stitching UFO's often reflect our lives at that time especially projects started for others and can show haw far we've come in our stitching and our lives.Great post.

  4. There's some in that pile that's just screaming to come out to play :) I have the "Night"kit myself....just never got her started! Urghhh.....now I want to start her but there's so much to get through in the UFO/WIP pile already!

  5. oh noni that is alot of wip ...i don't think i have any yet lol but that could change right ? lol

  6. What a fun find Noni. I see several that should be finished. They are all lovely, What a fun post.


  7. I think you have done a great job sharing your UFOs with us and seven is not a lot. There are probably stitchers out there who have a lot more but just won't admit it! Seven is definitely nothing to be ashamed about!
    Night and Day are beautiful designs and certainly should be stitched. They'd go straight into my WIP pile. :)

  8. Oh dear! Well it would be nice to get at least one of these done, right? I have no WIPs. Sorry.

  9. Some beautiful projects there. I have 26 WIPs and love them all. I was planning to get the list down this year but my arm was twisted into starting 15 new ones for Debbie's Crazy January Challenge.
    Your stitching looks so neat! Especially on the last one. I love those designs and would love to see you make some progress on them.

  10. Hello Noni,

    Loved hearing your cross stitch confessions. Hope you are able to finish some of them this year. There is so much variety to choose from.

    Happy days.

  11. It must have been fun to find these long-forgotten treasures. Some of them are definitely worth being taken up again like that wonderful Beatrix Potter sampler, or the Stoney Creek stocking. Picking them up again must be like starting something new, lol.

  12. I am currently working on Night also. Have about the same amount done as you do. We could stitch along together. I finished Day a few years back.

  13. Oooh Noni! I have a few of UFOs that might go into the never be finished pile too. I do like the Beatrix Potter one a lot! I need to make some Beatrix potter creatures for baby to be. Love the Maria's Night design, even though that cream made you bonkers, it's such a beautiful design. I was thinking, I've seen other stitchers do this, but with the designs you just can't bother, maybe another stitcher would want to finish it? Just a thought! Hugs to you

  14. Wow! Noni, great designs! Do not worry, you are in plenty of company, I suspect. I, too, have many, many UFOs - so many that I do not dare look so you are much braver than I - lol! My favourite has to be Jingle Bell Joy - such lovely Christmassy colours.

  15. So you got some work left to do ;-)
    I love the sock and beatrix Potter.
    Curious to see if some of them will get finished after all the years.

  16. I am with Justine ..me too have about twenty WIP's and I still like most of them. I do not take this cross stitching very serously..I have done varous crafts and art forms before and when thinking about drawing or painting an art piece every one dees many sketches before the one that will be painted.. For me some of my UFOS are kind of sketches when I have practised my stitching skills. One of my art teachers in the art school said that we should not be afraid of white paper .and I thinkit is same with fabric...I hope You understand what I trye to explain. Everyone has her own taste but for most appealling designs would be the Country Companions piece ..Yes,yes a sweethearted Emily will let the ladybugs come in and warm thy tiny feet :)
    As well I like Bearix Potter deign and the Christmas Stocking.

  17. So many great WIPs.. I can imagine a few of those Will never be stitched again for the reasons you wrote with them.
    I read in comment that people can adopt pieces, maybe a good idea for them. You dont have them anymore and maybe also the bad memories no more. And someone elders happy with it.

    Good luck choose What too with it!!

  18. So many great WIPs.. I can imagine a few of those Will never be stitched again for the reasons you wrote with them.
    I read in comment that people can adopt pieces, maybe a good idea for them. You dont have them anymore and maybe also the bad memories no more. And someone elders happy with it.

    Good luck choose What too with it!!

  19. I love it that you stitch from magazines too!AriadnefromGreece!


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