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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SAL's will be my downfall....

I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that
~ Lauren Bacall ~

I have a confession to make....

I think I am addicted to SAL's.... that's assuming you can be addicted to SAL's! Or am I just a serial starter?  Of course that one goes without saying.... which means I now have 2 confessions to make.... I am addicted to SAL's and I am a serial starter!!

As you know from previous posts, I am already involved in a number of SAL's this year... some more active than others on my part!!

The Lizzie Kate "Jingles" SAL is still happening and I will have an update in the next couple of days for that one.  My other semi-active SAL is the "Hallowe'en Ornie 2014 Blog" SAL.  I am behind in that one, but I have actually started stitching a larger design that covers off 2 or 3 months so that sort gets me back on target with that one.  Again an update is due for that SAL in the next couple of days - so stay tuned!

My poor old Margaret Sherry SAL's have fallen a bit by the wayside recently.... but hopefully I will resurrect them again soon as I do miss the MS kitty!

So, shall I show you what SAL I have joined and started stitching now??  My latest SAL is a Facebook SAL group, and is one of many FB SAL groups that I follow and aspire to eventually start stitching!  (Notice I said "eventually"....)

The weekend just gone was a SAL challenge within a SAL challenge for the group, and it was a good reason/excuse for me to start stitching on this new mystery SAL!  Not that I really need an excuse to start something new....

Let me introduce to you my new start:

This is a mystery SAL, so as yet we don't know what the final piece will look like... but each of the boxes will have a face designed by Joan Elliott.  I just adore Joan's designs so I couldn't resist starting this one....

Faces of Joan Elliott Mystery SAL
Designer: Joan Elliott

Joan has released 3 faces so far.... but I am behind most of the other stitchers, so I can only show you the beginning of the borders.  The next post will have the borders finished and the flowers added, and then I will be able to start on the 3 faces!  Who knows I may be able to catch up before the next face gets released in another month or so!

So until I have more of my "Faces of JE" to show you, I will say bye for now.... see you again soon when I come back with more SAL updates!

Til next time, happy stitching!
Hugs xx

Stitching Noni


  1. Ah Noni....You would not be the only stitcher with these problems :) I have been relatively good this year with starts...satisfying my urge with the Smalls SAL - projects small enough to finish and a new start every month :) Looking forward to seeing your version of the JE SAL

  2. heheheheh .... a serial starter ... well it does take one to know one ;) looking forward to seeing more progress photos .... shall I send some smoking needles and swish the wand for more stitching time ??? love mouse xxxxxx

  3. I have also joined another SAL. Looks like I am also going your way :) My Margaret Sherry is still in same status....pending for back stitching. Excited to see what you are going to stitch in mystery SAL.

  4. Well you sound so much like me a serail starter, good luck with your new start.

  5. Aww you are a sweetie pie
    Enjoy your sal l xxx

  6. ehehe you made me laugh with your post...a "serial starter" lol

    In the next couple days i will finnaly also update our Jingles! I have you august update to show...even if you don't update till there again, that's ok, because i will show anyway later on :)

    I'm very curious to see this new SAL of yours growing! ;))


  7. Oh-Noni I think most of the us cross stitchers are addicted to our hobby and especially in some parts of it. For myself I can tell itmust be stitching magazines no matter european or from USA.I love all pretty pictures in them the ,stories behind the industry and all beautifull new products..As well I am totallyaddicted to hand-dyed threads no matter thy are silks or cottons :)- and the serial starter would describe me too ..I am that type of stitcherwho enjoys 2the journey ...so I have now hurry to see my projects complited (of course the swaps are different thing..) Thankyou for visiting my blog..I am feeling better so there will be postsmore often I hope...

  8. I think that we are all SS - Serial Starters or Serious Stitchers or Stitching Sisters - take your pick! It is what keeps us entertained! Good luck with your latest SAL.

  9. your a SAL addict!!
    But is's a great way to stotch together with other crafters!!
    I;m now a bit ill, but soon I will start our SAL too, and will stitch like crazy to gets up!!
    I need to finish it by the ens of the year!!

  10. I'm with you, always joining and falling behind! I stitched the border and the first face of the JE piece, didn't like the cat and haven't started the Summer Fairy yet. I'm feeling autumnal not summery! I will catch up though.


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