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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hallowe'en SAL Update

There aren't enough days in the weekend
~ Rod Schmidt ~

Hi there!  I know I have been very re-miss with my monthly updates for the Hallowe'en Ornie 2014 SAL Blog.... that's because I haven't really been doing any Halloween stitching lately!  I sort of got stuck in May when my job changed and I went back to working 5 days a week - less time at home to stitch translated to less stitching being done!!

But today I do actually have a Halloween styled WIP to show you all!  My last update on the Halloween SAL blog was back in April with the cute little Owl I stitched on plastic canvas.

May was a bit tricky because I couldn't find a monster that I liked enough to stitch.... so I moved on and started to look around to see what I could stitch for June & July.....

I have been eyeing off a design in the 2013 Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue for quite some time... and I decided to stitch it this year.  Of course, me being me... I took ages to get organised to start... but my train of thought for this design went along the lines of:

May - monsters: nope, no monsters
June - free choice: yep, design is my choice!
July - pumpkins: excellent, this design has a pumpkin
August - ghosts: oops, no ghosts in my free choice design....
September - black cats: yep, there are black cats - 3 actually!

Yippee, my free choice design covers off three out five months.  So while I am still behind in this SAL, my free choice designs does sort of help me get back on track... all I have to do is finish it before the end of the year!!!

So here it is... my latest Halloween WIP:

"Witch and Friends"
Designed by Donna Giampa
As I mentioned earlier, this design was published in the 2013 JCS Halloween magazine.  You can see the finished version of the design on the front cover of the magazine below:

Next month's theme is "Trick or Treaters".  I have found a design for this one... but so far I haven't managed to start stitching October's theme.... but that's ok, after all the month has only just begun!!!

Hallowe'en Ornie SAL
2014 Themes
October - Trick or Treaters
November - Bugs, insects or spiders
December - Free choice

Still to stitch:
May - Monsters
August - Ghosts

Well, that it for another stitching update.  Can't promise you what I will have to show you in my next post... it will be a bit of a lucky dip I think...

Til next time, happy stitching!


  1. Wow she is looking so sweet
    Hugs x

  2. This colourful witch it such a loevly design and you made some nice progress on her.

  3. She's looking great - what lovely colours too!

  4. Beautiful colours great stitching .

  5. I love your choice of designs. Ill have to back and check that issue, i dont remember it!! :) Happy Halloween!! Stitching!! :)

  6. great update!!
    Your on a roll.. keep it like that!!
    have fun stitching

  7. Hello Noni - I can't remember how I came to find your blog, but I do know that I saw a link to it from someone else's & that you're in Perth - I am too! (kind of)
    What a lot of very beautiful stitching you do here... very busy with your needle... I'm going to have a good look around!
    Happy Stitching & bye for now

  8. She is pretty!
    You are so right...weekends fly by so fast.

  9. Love that quote! Your design looks great, perfect for several months. Maybe that should be a challenge for the blog next year, how many themes can you fit into one design?
    I'll be asking for suggestions on themes in November so get your thinking cap on.

  10. Great choice, Noni and I always love it when someone draws a long bow to make a theme fit what suits them! lol!


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