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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Honeybees and Lavender

The pedigree of honey does not concern the bee, 
a clover, anytime, to him, is aristocracy
~ Emily Dickinson ~

My own Lavender and Bees
Bees and Lavender would have to be two of my favourites things.  When I started typing this post I was going to include a web image of some bees and lavender.... but then I realised that all I had to do was go outside and take a photo!  But as with all great plans, the wind and bees decided not to co-operate.  But I did manage to get a photo of a bee on my pink ruffled lavender eventually!

Now why do I post about bees and lavender do I hear you ask?  Well, this post was inspired by my musings as to what to stitch for the exchange that Heather (Heather's Stitching Story) had arranged.  As previously mentioned, I was late sending the exchange package to CJ.  Partly this was because I was very time poor when trying to get organised for this exchange, but the other issue was that I couldn't think of what to stitch! Until I decided upon a theme of "Bees and Lavender".

Then everything fell into place.....

Firstly I went straight to the Snowflower Diaries Blog and downloaded the "Lavender Girl" design that I had had my eye on to stitch for quite some time.  Once stitched I turned the lavender girl into a pretty little hanger.

"Lavender Girl"
Designer: Maja, Snowflower Diaries
Stitched July 2014
So that was the Lavender stitch.... now for the bee stitch!  I remembered that I had downloaded a freebie sometime ago which had a beehive and bees as the design, and from memory I thought that it should be a quick stitch.  The other great thing about this design was that it had some different types of stitches instead of just cross stitch, so a great way to spread my stitching wings and try something different.

Honey Pin Cushion
Designer: Keepsake Stitches
Stitched July 2014
The "Honey Pin Cushion" is a freebie from the Keepsake Stitches website.  I loved this design and it was so simple to put together as a little cushion.  Of course it was only after I have put it together that I realised that I had stuffed up my bee on the back.... it should have been yellow and black... not yellow and blue! Goodness know what I was thinking when I stitched that!  But hey, every masterpiece has to have a deliberate mistake, doesn't it!!!

So that was the stitching side done, now all I had to do was find some extras....

Exchange gift sent to CJ
July 2014
As you can see from the photo above, I also sent CJ some lavender inspired gifts - a lavender scented candle in a tin, 2015 diary with lavender fields on the front cover, lavender coloured beads, pen, notebook and sticky notes that are sort of lavender coloured!  I hope that she liked the gift... and more importantly that it arrived safe and sound!

I did find a third design to stitch but, as I was almost three weeks late sending my package off, I decided not to include this one in the package... which meant that I didn't have to rush and I could take my time and really enjoy the stitching of the cupcake.... I just fell in love with this cupcake as soon as I saw it - it was one of those "I have to stitch this now" moments!!

"Honeybees Cupcake"
Designer: Durene Jones
This sweet little design was published in the World of Cross Stitching magazine issue 216.  They have a regular feature called "Cupcake of the Month" designed by Durene Jones.  Some of the cupcakes are really sweet but this is the first one that I just had to stitch right there and then!  Not sure yet how I will finally "finish" this sweet cupcake but I will certainly show you when it is finally all done.

So that's it for Honeybees and Lavender - two of my favourite things!!  It's now time for me to buzz off and leave you in peace to smell the lavender....

Til next time, happy stitching
Stitching Noni xx


Bev C said...

Hello Noni,

Such cute designs for the stitching gifts, especially love the honeybee cupcake one.

Happy days.

Thoeria said...

Oh that is just such a wonderful gift Noni :) I'm pretty sure that CJ will love it!!

Lesley said...

a lovely photo and such pretty stitching:)

Vickie said...

What fantastic lavender you have! Those are great gifts. Have you still not heard if it arrived?

Brigitte said...

Such loevly summer-y stitching designs.

Anne said...

Honey bees and lavender are two of my favourite things too!! I love your choices of designs to make for the exchange and the lavender girl is very special the way you finished her!! The cupcake is cute too! Love the blue and yellow bee..heehee! Hugs!

Lumiruusu said...

Thank You for the lovely post about Bees and lavender and all the lovely stitching you have done :) Here in Finland the Autumn is lready here,the leaves are falling from the trees and evenings are getting darker all the time :)

Annette said...

What a lovely post Leonie.
Your lavendel looks so beautifull. And the sun on it. Awesome.
You spoiled her vervlochten with all those lovely designs
I can think she wasverzachter happy with your Package.
You Bee cupcake to cute. Never seen it before.
Nowing you, you Will make something beautifull of it. Can't wait to see it!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

So nice to read some regular posts from you again!
This is a great exchange, I hope it arrived safely. South Africa can be tricky, I know a few people who have had problems sending things there including me!