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Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm a Jingle-ing!!

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this
~ Terry Pratchett ~

Sometime ago Rita from Il Mio Mondo a Colori asked if anyone wanted to join in on a SAL that she was organising to do with Annette and Nia.  The design that the girls had chosen to stitch together was Lizzie Kate's "Jingles Flip-It" series.
Lizzie Kate "Jingles Flip-It"
Rita thought that it would be a great idea to see if anyone else might be interested to join in and stitch this cute design as well... and so far there are 11 stitcher's who have joined in the fun.

Now originally I said that I wouldn't take part as I didn't think I would get the time to stitch it especially with the other SAL's that I have already signed up to stitch this year.... but this design just kept on kicking at me and eventually I gave in and bought it!!!

Rita and Annette have been very good and have posted regular updates over the last couple of months and they are well into their stitching.  Hopefully I will catch up.. but probably not!!  If I can get close to a finish by the end of the year I will be very happy!

Back to my Jingles... on Friday the last of my back ordered Weeks Overdyed threads arrived from Stitches and Spice and the time was finally right to start stitching!  Yesterday saw me spending an hour or so preparing to start on the first design.  Needle and thread and fabric finally met while I was watching a couple of episodes of "House of Cards" last night - yes, I can now say that I have started to "Jingle"!

And this is how far I had managed to get last night by the time I had stopped stitching for the evening:

LK "Jingles" - "Deck the Halls"
as at 12 April 2014
Not a lot achieved so far.... but a start is a start!!

I have taken a long shot of the fabric so that hopefully you can see how nice it looks.  Unfortunately the photo doesn't quite show the shine that it has and the colour is not quite the same as in real life.  The name of the fabric is "Sugar Cane Crunch" and it is a very pretty opalescent 32ct hand-dyed Belfast fabric that I got from Stitches and Spice.

Hopefully by the time of the official update at the end of the month I will have a lot more stitching to show you!

Til next time, happy stitching and Jingle-ing!!!


Kaisievic said...

Good luck with the SAL - as you say a start is a start.

Lesley said...

Lovely fabric. Looking forward to your updates on this,I like Lizzie Kate designs although have yet to stitch one:)

stitchersanon said...

Good luck..lovely fabric. It is so hard to get a decent photo isnt it!

Anne said...

Yay!! Glad to see that you started my dear!! I always feel behind on Sals too, except for Magic Garden which I'm stalling stitching for a friend to catch up. Love the Flip it Snowmen!! Hugs!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice start! I also get caught up in the excitement of a new SAL without thinking if I have the time to keep up with it.

Hopefully you will manage with this one.

cucki said...

Aww so sweet..lovely fabric and very sweet stitching..
Enjoy my dear
Big hugs x

sharine said...

They are very cute and your off to a great start:)

Annette said...

YEAHHHHHH. Noni started too.
Your first start Is looking great. The patterns are fun and easy to follow. Look close with counting. I made a mayer mistake. Hope yours Will go better in start.
You Will keep Up!!!

Thoeria said...

A start is most definitely a start :) Looking forward to see you stich on this one! LK designs are always such fun ones!

Valma said...

so great you could finally start ;)
your fabric is superb !!!
soon we will see lovely stitches here
enjoy, this SAL is a great one ;)

Preeti said...

Yes, a start is a start . Congrats for the beginning:)
It takes me a lot of time to start. I stitch on aida...that's what we get for 14 count here. The softer ones are 11 count. But even the aida when rinsed in water becomes very soft and therefore, eventhough the stitching instructions do not say it to wash, I still rinse my aida fabric. The threads then fray and i hem/machine sew the edges before I start. So you can understand my starting troubles:)

The Maiden said...

your flip it looks so cute, I have the Halloween one in my stash!

♥ Nia said...

I'm the last one to start... Everyone knows why ;) but very soon I'll be jingle-ing with you :) hehehehe

Catherine said...

A start is a start!!