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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Our Adventure away from home.... Part 2

Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday
~ Author Unknown ~

Welcome back!  I have another post on what we did in London, and then one more post to show you what we did in Paris... and then that's it - no more holiday snaps!

Day 4
While we were in London we were very lucky to get our timing right so that we could do the full Tour of Buckingham Palace which included the Royal Mews, State Rooms inside the Palace and the Exhibitions. So we spent the whole day taking the opportunity to see some of the most amazing rooms in the Palace, places that I have only ever seen on TV.  We didn't take a lot photos during the State Room tour due to the high security of the areas, but we did take heaps while in the Royal Mews.

The Gold State Coach
Look who we found in one of the Royal Paintings - Mitzi's ancestor!
What a backyard!
Our tour around the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace was absolutely amazing.  It was very, very busy but the organisers have everything extremely well organised.  Fantastic day out!

Day 5
Well here are, almost at an end of our week in London, so today was a bit of a wander around day again using shanks pony!  We started off walking through Green Park and ended up outside Clarence House just in time for the changing of the Guard.

Changing of the Guard at Clarence House
From Clarence House we headed off towards Trafalgar Square to see the pigeons only to find out there are no more pigeons in the Square - but there was this rather gorgeous fellow!

The reason there are no pigeons in Trafalgar Square
And also there was this rather amazing bird...

The Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square
From Trafalgar Square it was off to Regent Street and Oxford Street to visit to fantastic stores... Hamleys and Liberty. And who did we meet at Hamleys?

The Royal Family.... made out of Lego!  Totally amazing!!

Lego Royal Family
Mark chatting to the Queen!
They had other Lego creations in the store as well, but the Lego Royal Family were absolutely brilliant!

On the way out I managed to get a cuddle with the Hamleys' bear mascot!

Christmas display at Liberty
We then rounded our day out with visit to "The Vault" at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Another busy day of sightseeing done and dusted!

Day 6
Last day in London.... time to take stock and work out what we haven't yet seen that we really wanted to see.

After going past St Paul's Cathedral to take some outside photos (we forgot to do that the day we were there!), we walked over the Millennium Bridge on our way to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre for a look around.  Unfortunately as the whole place was inundated with school children on tour we decided not to try and get in and do the tour, so it was off on a boat ride down the Thames to our next stop - the Houses of Parliament.

Millennium Bridge

Big Ben
We spent most of the afternoon at the Houses of Parliament including doing the guided tour of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.  Absolutely amazing tour!  We are so pleased that our timing coincided with the opening times of the Houses of Parliament to the public.

Nelson Mandela's plaque in the hall at Westminster
The Weekend
Friday dawned and it was the day that we were to leave London and head off for the weekend and the wedding of Hubby's niece.  We hired a car from London and headed out of the city and onto the British motorways to Essex to visit Hubby's old school, and then to the hotel to meet up with Hubby's family.

The wedding was fantastic and it was absolutely brilliant to meet all the Hubby's family at long last!

Wedding Flowers - aren't they beautiful
Sorry no photos of the wedding festivities, but how about a pic of the gorgeous flower decorations!

Sunday saw us in Hubby's old home town and meeting up with more his extended family, and then Monday after a wander around the town centre it was back in the car to head back to London in time to drop off the hire car and onto the Eurostar to Paris!

So that was our week in London.... next time I will show you some photo's of our four days in Paris.

Til next time, happy stitching


Annette said...

Ow My.. it's looking awesome!!
You had the tme of your life!!
I love the Lego Royal family, Noah would be so jealours!
Beautifull flowers from the niece wedding!!
Enjoy the pictures

Catherine said...

What a fun trip!

♥ Nia said...

Such a wonderful vacation!! :D I've never been to UK but it's a delight to watch your photos and read a little about the trip :) Thanks for sharing!! :D

Valma said...

wonderful =D
I went so many times to London and never had the chance or opportunity to visit Buckingham !
and those Lego creations...wow ! I hope next time we go, there will still be displayed, hubby would be crazy seeing this =D
that so great you had such a wonderful time in Europe and such a good weather =D
big hugs