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Sunday, November 10, 2013

What an amazing day we had!

Who would believe such pleasure from a wee ball o' fur?
~ Irish Saying ~

Scottish/British Shorthair Kittens
Yesterday Hubby and I had the most amazing afternoon!  We were asked by my baby sister if we could go and visit a cat breeder (CB) that she had been speaking to about a Ragdoll kitten.  Now for us this was a small road trip as we live south of the river and the place we were going to is east of the city - which meant we went for a lovely drive of an hour, fifteen minutes - no real hardship for a lovely afternoon out and the reward at the end of the journey was more than worth it!  As you will see...

We ended up spending three and half hours with the most amazing lady - yes, I did say 3 & 1/2 hours.... CB is the most fascinating lady and we had a brilliant time talking to her about her cats and her life and her research into the health and welfare of cats and rabbits (she used to also breed rabbits!).

CB breeds Ragdolls, British Shorthairs, Scottish Shorthairs and Scottish Folds.  My sister has wanted a Ragdoll for years and now the time has come for her to finally get one!  My sister lives four hours away from Perth so it's not easy for her to get down to Perth at the drop of hat to check out potential kittens, hence the mission she sent us on to see the kittens and check out the breeder.

The newest edition to the Family
While we were at the breeders we saw three litters of Ragdolls and spoke to my sister via "facetime" so that she and kids (and the dog!) could see all the kittens... love modern technology!  She was particularly after a blue point male... which narrowed down the choice quite well, and believe me it would have been very hard to choose one if my sister wasn't so certain of her 'dream" kitty!  There were 2 blue point males available to choose from, as well as seal point and cream point so it was just as well my sister knew what she wanted! We did show her all the other ones as well, of course... but this little boy in the picture above was the favourite!

Shall I show you the one that Hubby fell in love with and would have quite happily taken home if we didn't already have two amazing kitties?

Isn't he adorable?
He ended up falling asleep in Hubby's arms and he did seem to be very happy to stay there!

Kitty and his siblings
Then there was this little sweetheart....

Now I could have taken this one home!
While we had the other shorthair kitties out the breeder bought out this sweet little chocolate shorthair.  He curled up in my hands and went to sleep for at least an hour....

Now look closely at the photo above and you can see the the legs of a Blue Scottish Shorthair (nickname Cutie Pie) next to me. She was pregnant and due to drop her lovely bundle of kitties some time over the weekend - which she just so happened to decide to do while we were there!

Right in front of us......

In fact, Hubby ended up holding onto the moments old kitten while the breeder got Cutie Pie out of the bookcase where she had gone to have the first baby, and then took her back to her bed for the rest of the delivery!  Just amazing... and that was the second amazing thing that had happened during the afternoon. The first brilliant thing to happen was that another litter was also born about an hour after we got there (British Shorthairs) - the breeder had gone out of the room for a couple of minutes and when she came back she had these brand new kittens that needed attention as the mother wasn't quite doing her bit (first time mum) so we watched (as did my sister and her kids) while she rubbed and dried them and sorted out their umbilical cords and then she took them back to their mum for some love and care.

I haven't seen kittens or puppies born since I was a kid when our cats and dogs used to have their babies... it was such an amazing experience to be there when these brand new angels came into the world and it was such a privilege that Cutie Pie allowed us to be present when she had her first born (well first born from this litter anyway!)

So after three & half hours we left this amazing lady and her adorable feline friends on a huge high!  What an amazing afternoon - an afternoon that we will never forget!  Thank you CB and your beautiful kitties for allowing us to be a part of your life in such a wonderful way.

It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens
~ Cynthia E. Varnado ~


Catherine said...

What an awesome day! A few years back, my family and I stood for two hours to watch twin baby sheep being born!

Emma/Itzy said...

Wow sounds like a great day. I don't know how you managed to leave without taking one for yourself though, such will power! x

cucki said...

Aww so cute..
Such a sweet day..
Kisses x

Mouse said...

awwwww that was lovely .... and I am amazed you didn't come back with one at all ... unless you are keeping something from us ,lol .. absolutely gorgeous they are too :) love mouse xxxxxx

Preeti said...

Aww so cute!! :)

gracie said...

What a wonderful day!

Valma said...

hooooooo so cute =)
they are all so cute !
I must admit that I'd have made the same 'choice' as hubby (considering I don't see cats as tigers :D)
I don't know how you succeeded in not bringing one at home !!! really
so super you had the opportunity to live that day
big hugs sweetie

♥ Nia said...

Oh my!!!! how could you resist?? Tell the truth, how many little balls of fur did you bring in your pockets??? :D

Zurainny Ismail said...

Too adorable! If I had them in my hands, I don't think I could let them go...! :D

Carol said...

Oh, oh, oh--they are so very sweet!! I'm sure I would have given in and picked one for my very own--thanks so much for sharing those wonderful photos :)

Jocelyn said...

What a lucky day for you! I absolutely think this would be a fantastic day! So happy to have found your blog via the Pick A Pixie group on Facebook!

Angel said...

Wow, soooo sweet:-)
Seems you had a wonderful day with these little cuties.

Kaisievic said...

Wow! So beautiful and your post has cheered me up no end. But Noni, how on earth did you have the strength of will not to take one or two or three home with you? So sweet!

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Oh, they're all so sweet!! Especially the little grey and white one your hubby is holding :) I've never actually had the pleasure of meeting kittens before, just full-grown cats, but they look so fluffy and soft! I think it's wonderful you were able to choose a pet for your sister using facetime - very clever! I'd never even think of doing that honestly, I'm still marvelling over the benefits of digital cameras LOL ;P