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Friday, October 11, 2013

It's a sad day....

My last post was part of a wonderful world wide blogging event for a very special lady, however today while my post is for the same lady, it is a whole lot sadder than my last post.

I received an email this morning from a lady called Katie.

Katie is a friend of Cathey's (Pumpkin) and she wrote to let me know that she had posted an update on her blog about Cathey.

Cathey passed away yesterday, and while I didn't "know" Cathey in person, I "knew" her from following her blog over the last couple of years and it does make me very sad to know that Cathey is no longer with us, but she is now without pain. Although, her loved ones that are left behind will feel the pain of not having her around in their lives for a very long time to come.

My heart goes out to Cathey's husband and baby boy, and to her family and friends. A new Angel is now in Heaven and she will be looking down on her loved ones from up above and keeping them safe.

Thank you Cathey for the wonderful posts and laughs, and even the tears, over the last couple of years. You were, and continue to be, an inspiration to us and your fighting spirit was amazing.

Hug and cherish those that are close to you, and remember those that are no longer with us.

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  1. Reat in Peace dear Cathey..
    My thought are with her family!

  2. My thoughts are with her family..
    Cathey was a sweet heart xx

  3. May the spirit and determination with which Cathey faced her declining health ,comfort her family in the future. Very sad news.

  4. I'm devastated since this morning =(
    lovely words here
    I have tears in my eyes
    the whole world is gathered again


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