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Friday, March 1, 2013

Summer is done....

Yes, Summer is finally finished!  Both in stitching and weather....  although Summer in Australia is still hanging on and will do for another few weeks yet.  But at least the weather will hopefully start to cool down now.  Often though Summer wags it's little tail throughout March and only lets go after Easter!

You are so not going to believe this but, I have been very good lately and stitching away most nights on my MS Lovers Blog Easter Exchange and alternating with the MS Lovers SAL#3 Cool Cats "Summer".

While I can't show my Easter Exchange stitching until after it arrives at its final destination - Russia... I can at long last show you, my finished "Summer" Cool Cat.  And by showing you "Summer", I can now put a big green tick against the MS Lovers Blog SAL #3.  Happy dance!!

I finished the last of the back stitch on Cool Cat "Summer" the other night!  Wow, that was a tough one (all that white and cream) but he is now all done.

I have finally finished all three of the original MS Lovers Blog SAL's which means I can start SAL #4 with a clear conscience!  Well, almost a clear conscience as I haven't made them all up yet... but that part will happen soon.

MS Cool Cat Summer - SAL #3
And here they all are.... all stitched and waiting for some place to go!

Finished MS Lovers Blog SAL #3 Cool Cats
Finished MS Lovers Blog SAL #2 Christmas
Finished MS Lovers Blog SAL # 1 Culinary Cats
I can't wait to finally start the next MS Lovers Blog SAL - "Puppy Love"... this weekend is the beginning of a new stitching adventure.

Well that's it for this update from me. Til next time, happy stitching


sharine said...

They all look so cute together. Can't wait for your new start:)

Mouse said...

way to go on getting them finished .... love her cute designs have done one or two myself :) and looking forward to seeing your new start :) love mouse xxxxx

cucki said...

Wow they all super cute..well done
Big hugs x

Catherine said...

So cute!!

Valma said...

what a cute summer cat =)
my favourite is Autumn one and Summer arrives at the second place =)
we started this SAL on January the 26th last year =)
very well done
can't wait to see your 3 other finishes and also the other stitchings you made =D
Easter and Spring are on the road...
big hugs

SoCal Debbie said...

Great job finishing all your MS SALs! They are all so cute!

♥ Nia said...

I saw your post on our group blog and it really made me smile :D Wonderful to see all your stitching together! Great job sweetie!! Congrats! :D

Here Spring was coming but.. not yet! Seasons are playing with us! We have loads of rain again and it's getting a bit colder too =/ Hopefully 2 more weeks and it will get better for good :D
It's time for Summer to turn around the globe! can't stay there forever ;) hehehehhe

hugs to you my friend!

Kaisievic said...

Some really cute stitching there - so hard to choose my favourite!

Anne said...

Super adorable MS cats Noni!! I really love the autumn one and the finish you made. We are so looking forward to Spring here so enjoy your Autumn!!


Rita said...

oh you are anxious to get over summer and we here are dying to get to there!! ehehe Too much rain and very cold around here:(

Congrats on your summer cat!! I still hadn't the courage to start mine!! Oh my...it will be a challenge ehehe

Loved to see all the SAL's!! Great job!;)
kisses my dear!