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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope that 2013 is a good one for you all.  
I wish you health, wealth and happiness and lots of fabulous stitching!

As 2013 starts I have been thinking back over 2012.  We had a real up and down year.... the highs were our trip to Hong Kong and getting Mitzi, but the real low of the year was losing Daisy.

Stitching wise I managed to stitch more than I did the year before... just!!  I didn't quite get all my stitching goals completed, but that's ok I just moved them onto the 2013 list....

So what did I manage to stitch in 2012?  All of these gorgeous designs... As you will no doubt notice most of  the designs that I stitched last year were Margaret Sherry designs or kitty designs!!

In 2012 I managed to stitch 29 designs.  I put the final stitches into my MS Santa on New Year's Eve!  Most of my stitching in 2012 I made into cards and some I even managed to make up into pillows or ornaments, but some are still waiting to be "finished".

I do have three more finishes to show you... but two haven't as yet arrived at their destinations so I will leave them and my MS Santa for another post.

One final piece of stitching that I was hoping to get finished by the end of 2012 was the last of the Margaret Sherry Cool Cats Summer - but I didn't quite get there.  That will be my first goal for 2013.  Once I have stitched that one I will then "finish" Winter, Spring and Summer into pillows.

So what are my stitching goals for 2013....

1. Stitch more than I did in 2012
2. Start another Chatelaine (and hopefully finish it!)
3. Finish Bonsai and Buddha - this has been a UFO/WIP for at least 12 months.....
4. Stitch a Halloween design - I have never stitched one and I absolutely love them especially the Lizzie Kate designs
5. Stitch either Christmas cards or ornaments for 2013

No doubt this list will change over the year... like life my To Do Lists are very fluid!!

I will leave you with a couple of photos of our little Mitzi.  She is now 6 months old and was recently sterilised... trying to keep her quiet after the operation was not exactly easy... She has recovered really well and is back to normal - getting into puppy mischief!!

Mitzi on Christmas Day

Mitzi emptying her toy box!!
Til next time, happy stitching and Happy New Year!


  1. Mitzi is more and more beautiful =)
    You stitched a lot in fact in 2012, and very cite things
    I love the way you 'summed up' your stitchings , I have to do the same...2012 was very productive ! I hope I'll keep the rhythm in 2013
    Happy new year sweetie, to you and Mark and Mitzi and friends =)
    Wish you all the best starting with health...
    big hugs

  2. You have done a lot of great stitching in 2012. Here is to more in 2013:)

  3. Oh my! Mitzi looks so cute =)
    Congrats on all your 2012 finishes :D and good luck to achieve your new goals!! Happy 2013 my friend!! :D

  4. good luck with the stitching this year

  5. Wow! You accomplished a lot this year! Mitzi is adorable!

  6. Great accomplishments in the past year. You can be proud of all those beautiful stitches. Look forward to seeing your 2013 stitches.

  7. It's great to see all your finishes together! What a great goal to stitch more in 2013 than in 2012. Happy Stitchy New Year!

  8. Wow x29, good for you! Can't wait to see more MS, I know I have some I'd like to make.

    Mitzi is just adorable, such a cutie!

  9. Thank you my dear blogging friend for the lovely Chrisymas card !!
    It arrived three years after the new years eve and was really happy to get :)
    Just imagine how long way did the Christmas card flye from the Australia to up here north of Europe.
    We have only some hundreds kilometrers to the Polar circle :)

    You have stitched many lovely patterns ,ecpesially I love all the cat designes..

  10. hehehe .. your Mitzi is soooo DARLING!!! :) Love her and hope she is feeling better. :)

    Your creations that you've showcased are all so BEAUTIFUL! Each on so different, and yet all so LOVELY!

    Big Hugs,

  11. Hello again my dear! You had sitched a lot this last year! So many beautiful things!! I haven't stitched so much as i would like it, but my little son doesn't let me ehehe I hope i could do more this year. I will talk about hat in my blog too this week:)

    I wish you all the best in this year my friend!! And i'm very happy that we "found" each other...thanks to MS:D


  12. You did a good job in 2012,lots of beautiful stitching!!
    I wish you a creative newyear with a lot of stitching;-)

    hugs Angele(ms blog)


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