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Monday, September 10, 2012

MS Lovers Blog Summer Exchange Update

Hi there!  Once again it has been a long time between posts... but just because I haven't been writing doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about what to write in my next post!!

So where do I start....

I have just been going though my blog and realised that I have stitched a few things and not shown you what I have done - naughty me!!

So the question is do I give you a picture-fest today or spread them out over a couple of days and whet your appetite with just one or two finishes today!  Lets see what happens and how far we get today, shall we?

We will start with the MS Lovers Blog Summer Exchange update - silly me appears to have forgotten to show you what I put together and sent for the Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog summer exchange.  My little package went all the way to Mexico!  For this Exchange I stitched the gardening snail and turned it into a pin board.  As it was a summer exchange I also included 2 pieces of pretty flowery fabric, a tin of small pins, a tin of pom poms, small highlighter, post it note and note pad, small flowery scissors and a pen.

The pin board started out life as a picture frame that was sitting in my craft stash, but once I had painted and decorated it and added some pin board cork it was no longer a picture frame but a small pin board ready to hang on Olimpia's craft room wall.

Exchange Gift I sent to Olimpia
Gardening Snail designed by 
Margaret Sherry

Exchange Gift I sent to Olimpia
If you would like to read what Olimpia said about the package I sent her on her blog click here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Of course, I have also forgotten to post on my blog what I received from Olga (Ollie) for the exchange.  I did remember to post about it on the MS Lovers Blog but forgot all about doing a post about it here.... Seriously, I don't know where my head is these days!

So what did I receive in the MS Lovers Blog Summer Exchange - well feast your eyes on this gorgeous box that Olga made for me.  She stitched the lovely mouse and chocolate design and covered a box with pretty pink material, and then filled the box with material, ribbons, some tassels, a Dutch tea pot shaped plate, some choccies and some lovely orange tea bags!  All beautiful treasures in a lovely treasure box!

Summer Exchange Gifts from Olga (Ollie)

Summer Exchange Gifts from Olga (Ollie)

Summer Exchange Gifts from Olga (Ollie)
I have one more thing to show with regards to the MS Lovers Summer Exchange.  Unfortunately the pixies needed to again put on their little pixie hats and send a little gift to someone who didn't receive an exchange package.  I was already in the process of stitching a thank you card for Francesca as she had sent me a pixie gift when I didn't receive my exchange package in the spring exchange - so my thank you card became a pixie gift as well.

Pixie Gift for Francesca
The package also included some threads from my stash, pink post it notes, aida band, coin purse from Hong Kong and a souvenier Perth thimble.

Pin cushion - free gift
Cross Stitcher, issue 53 - designer Anne MacGregor
The pin keep I stitched from a free gift that has been in my stash for sometime....  I also made the little beaded pin and the orange and purple edging braid.

Bear Hugs free gift
Cross Stitch Collection, issue 75
The card I stitched was also a magazine free gift and the flowers and papers were in my stash.  The beaded pins I made to go with the card.  Francesca is on holiday at the moment so hopefully when she returns her mailbox will be filled with pixie gifts!!

So that's it for my update on the latest Exchange that we have done at the MS Lovers Blog.  Our next exchange is coming up soon - this one will probably be a Winter one or maybe an early Christmas exchange. As the Summer exchange went on a bit too long we have decided to give the Autumn exchange a miss and jump straight onto the next one!!

I will be back shortly with some stitching updates for you.

Til then, keep safe and happy stitching...


cucki said...

all the sent and received gifts are so lovely..
have a lovely day and happy stitching xxx

Catherine said...

Fantastic group of exchanges and goodies!!

Kaisievic said...

Thanks for showing us all of the lovely stitched pieces. You have been very generous and creative and you deserve all of the lovely gifts which you received.

Kathy A. said...

Those are very beautiful exchanges. You have done some amazing work. Your pixie gifts were wonderful!

Gabi said...

Great exchanges. Very lovely

Lesley said...

Lovely summer exchanges received and sent. Love the pictures of them both.

Rhona said...

Oh, what lovely gifts!

Anonymous said...

What awesome exchanges! I love the cork board...Great Idea!

sharine said...

Great exchanges The snail is adorable:)

Joysze said...

Love these exchanges. They look so great!