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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

Oh my goodness, 3 posts in 3 days!!  We can't have that now, can we?!?

Now I promised you a stitching update and here it is...

My latest finish is the second cat from the MS Lovers Blog SAL #3.  As I mentioned in a previous post I started this kitty on the plane going over to Hong Kong.  I am so pleased that I was able to stitch on the flight there and back as I have been wanting to get this cat started and finished for ages!

Cool Cats - Winter
designed by Margaret Sherry
MS Lovers Blog SAL #3
Winter kitty will be finished as a cushion sometime soon.  I bought some material at Spotlight the other day to make the cushion but now I'm not so sure that it's right for the cushion.  But that's ok it can go into the cupboard and be used at a later date for something else.  I will look for something else next time we go up to the quilt shops in Midland.

I also have a finished kitty card to show you.  This is the kitty that I was stitching a couple of weeks ago for the Craftbubble Crazy for Kitties birthday exchange.

Crazy Kitty designed by Durene Jones
Cross Stitch Crazy, Issue 168
The card was a very quick finish as I was late (as per usual) sending it to the UK.  There are 2 birthdays left in 2012 that I need to stitch for and then we will be done and dusted for another year.  The next birthday on the list is mine...

Recently I also finished stitching this cute little panda.  He was a freebie with the Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine.  I'm not sure what I will do with this yet but originally I was going to make him into a card.  May still do that yet - stay tuned!

And one last little stitching finish... a little sampler style pin cushion.  Not finished as a pin cushion yet but think I might have a go at doing that this afternoon....

Pretty Pin Cushion - free gift
Cross Stitcher magazine, May 1999
Designer unknown
Before I sign off, just a reminder that this weekend is the IHSW (International Hermit and Stitch Weekend). IHSW is hosted by Joyce at Random Ramblings, so wander on over and sign up for the weekend and stitch!  I hope that this weekend is a real stitchy weekend for me but I guess that will just depend on a bit on the weather and a certain little puppy.

This weekend is also the weekend for a TUSAL update.  Sunday 16th September is the new moon so we will all be reporting on what ORT's have been added to our little jars.  I have managed to put some in my jar this month which is great...  will have to see where we find the ORT's hiding this month for their photo opportunity.

So that's it for this little stitching update, see you all again after the weekend with the IHSW and ORT reports.

Til next time, happy stitching


sharine said...

All very cute. I have that little panda in my to do pile one day:)

cucki said...

super cute stitching..all are so sweetttttttttttttt
sending you beary hugs x

Gabi said...

Very cute. Congrats on those sweet finishes.

Rhona said...

Lovely finishes! Thanks for the reminder about the TUSAL, I'd completely forgotten about it - better go and get some stitching done so that I can add some orts to my rather empty jar!!!

Olimpia said...

Hi Noni,

How are you?

Thank you for your words and understand my feeling about Frida, it`s greatful know people share feelings about pets.

Take care sweetie.

Elise said...

Oh these are so DARLING! Love how you placed one of them onto a card!


Joysze said...

I love seeing your finishes, Noni. They're always so darn cute! :D

♥ Nia said...

Don't you love our cool cats? All so adorable =) congrats on your finish sweetie! :)
Ohhh that little panda is soooooo cute =)))) all your works are really pretty Noni :D
Enjoy IHSW! Have a great weekend :D

Valma said...

you stitched real pretty pieces indeed
and as usual you made a very cute card, very beautiful
the cool cats are very cute and fun to stitch
can't wait to see your finishes
have to wait now (during this time, I'm going to stitch my Autumn cat, hehehehe =D)
Big hugs sweetie

The Maiden said...

Look at all those kitties! Gongrats on the finishes.

Anne said...

Adorable kitties Noni! You are a busy girl! Love them!!


Joysze said...

Noni... you must be tired of hearing me say this... but I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! :D