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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Totally Useless SAL - New Moon 19 July 2012 Update

Hello again.... it's me here again!

I am typing this as we watch the last leg of the Tour de France.  While our Cadel Evans has not been able to repeat last year's win, Hubby is happy as there will be a British winner instead!  Congrats to Bradley Wiggins.  A wonderful ride by a fantastic sportsman - and well done to all the riders that took part.  It has been fabulous to watch every night over the last few weeks, even if we couldn't stay up and watch it to the end every night.

So on to the ORT report..
Yep, I know - late again....  The ORT report was due on 19th July, but unfortunately the weekend has just flown by and got away from me.  But as they say - better later than never!!

So here it is in all it's glory - my lovely jar of ORT's with it's dragon protector.

ORT's Dragon and Miss Mouse
This month's ORT's and dragon are joined by Miss Mouse and her special beaded pins.  I have been making some beaded pins on and off for a couple of months now and the ones in Miss Mouse are the ones that I haven't as yet attached to a card or pin cushion.  I love doing these beaded pins - so simple to do but so effective when done.

So what craft things have I done over the last couple of months that I can show you.... let me see now...

Completed card for Catdragon (Alison)
Craftbubble Crazy for Kitties Birthday Exchange 2012
The first one is the finished card that I made for Alison as part of the Craftbubble Crazy for Kitties Birthday Exchange.  The card was about 2 weeks late....  The design was from a Cross Stitch Crazy magazine and the designer of the kitty alphabet is Maria Diaz.  A very quick stitch this one.  The paper, flowers, ribbons etc came out of the stash boxes and the pin was one that I made.  I love the beads that I used on this pin - the picture doesn't really show the pin off in all it's sparkle.

Butterfly & Buddleia - designed by Debbie Cripps
Needlecraft magazine issue May 1997
I stitched this card for Valerie from Fee le point as a thank you for the little snow globes that she had sent me  and also to say thank for the pixie gift that she sent me when my MS Lovers Blog spring exchange package didn't happen.  Valerie loves butterflies and I thought this card was just the ticket!  I also sent her a tinkling wind chime with a butterfly.  The design was a free cover kit that was in amongst my stash and as you can see from the date of the magazine I have had it for a long time just waiting for the perfect occasion to stitch it!!  The papers and flowers were all in my card making stash and the pins I made from the beads in my stash.
Card - Butterfly card designer unknown
Cross Stitcher magazine issue 70 (June 1998)
Scissor keep - Summer Strawberries designed by Debbie Cripps
Cross Stitcher magazine issue 110 (June 2001)
The card and scissor keep above I stitched as a thank you for Claire from Dulcinella's chaos.  Claire was also a pixie who sent me a lovely exchange replacement gift, and also as a pick me up as she hasn't been too well of late.  I read awhile ago on Claire's blog that she likes strawberries so when I saw this design in my free gift stash I knew that I just had to stitch it for Claire.  But, instead of turning it into a card I decided to try my hand at making my very first scissor keep.  I even made the red and black cording from some DMC thread.  The papers and flowers for the card came from the stash box... and the pins I made.  I was really pleased with the finished scissor keep.  The strawberries design is so lovely and I think is much nicer finished this way than as a card.  I even had the perfect backing fabric in the fabric stash that I share with hubby....

Back of scissor keep for Claire
I have 3 other little things that I have stitched this month, but I don't want to show them to you just yet as I have to finish and mail them before I can reveal their magic.  They will all be going to the other 3 pixies from the MS Lover Blog.

I will later this week do a post to show you the fantastic parcel I received in the mail from Olga (Ollie) in the Netherlands as part of the MS Lovers Blog Summer Exchange, and I can also show you what I stitched and sent to Olimpin in Mexico as that has also arrived safe and sound.  Oh yes, I was spolit again!!

Before I go I must show you what else I have recently received in the mail....
Chatelaine's fabric, thread and bead kits....
Can't wait to rip these open and start!
As you know I recently stitched my first ever Chatelaine designs - the Rose Garden Freebie.  I absolutely loved stitching Rose Garden and decided that I wanted to do another one.  I actually had a Chatelaine sitting in my stash that I have been a bit nervous about starting, but now I am going to start it.  I have been onto the European Cross Stitch website and purchased the thread and bead kits for the two designs that I have - Mini  Mandala II and Alhambra Gardens.  I decided that if I am going to do these I might as well do them properly with the proper silks etc.  And with the Aussie dollar being at parity or above the US dollar it makes heaps of sense to get these kits while I can.....

However, don't get too excited dear readers - I have to finish off a couple of things before I can start the Mini Mandala.... namely a birthday card for August & September Craftbubble exchange, 2 cool cats for the MS Lovers Blog SAL, and a Christmas Card for the MS Yahoo Group Christmas Exchange.  Once I have made a good start and finish on these things I will then allow myself to start the Mini Mandala.... that will be my reward!!

Well dear readers, that's it for another ORT report.  See you all again same time next month... Pop on over to Daffycat's blog if you are interested in signing up or keeping in touch with what is going on with the 2012 TUSAL.

Til the next new moon on 17 August 2012, happy stitching and may your collection of ORT's keep growing!

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Catherine said...

A post of lovely finishes and sweet gifts!!

cucki said...

Wow very sweet gifts and lovely post..
Cute dragon and mousie with Orts
Hugs for you xxx

sharine said...

Wow you have been busy. The birthday card is very sweet.

Valma said...

Maybe we were your pixies for the Spring exchange , but you were a real pixie too in stitching and sending these gifts to thank us =D
I love the card you made me and the wind chime is jealously seen here =D
what you made for the Dulcinella is lovely too
I love the beaded pins you make and Miss Mouse is so cute =D
Happy stitching sweetie and it now HK less than only a few days =D
big hugs

SueH said...

Well you’ve certainly had a very busy month stitching!

I’m loving all your cards and the scissor keepers but the one that stands out for me is the Black one with the Strawberry and flower on it. It must have been hell stitching on Black though.

Happy Stitching!

LastingAllure said...

I love how you embellish your cards! They look so beautiful and interesting to look at! Also love your stitching of course, you seem to be busy!


♥ Nia said...

ohhh the most gorgeous cards =) All so pretty, the one you made for Valérie is amazing! Love everything in it!! :D
You had some pixies sending you smiles but you've also been a busy stitching pixie ;) ehehehehe
Hugs to you sweetie!!! :D

Bea said...

You've been busy - those are some terrific finishes!

SoCal Debbie said...

Your cards are beautiful! I especially love the butterfly ones. Good luck on finishing your exchanges and your SALs so you can reward yourself with a mandala start!

McKenna C. said...

I just found your blog, and I love it! Your cards are beautiful! You got a lot of great packages! If you have time, I would love it if you could check out my blog.


Anne said...

Oooh Noni!! You bought TWO Chats!!! How exciting!! YAY! Good choices too!! Love the cards you made and that little strawberry fob is so darling!!

Elise said...

Oh what gorgeous projects you have made!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


Lumiruusu said...

Thank You for visiting my
little blog again,Noni !

The grey Kitten and the butterflyecard are both very pretty as well as the Strawberry ornament.
The Mandala Packs are both looking very tempting..so much pretty pearls and silks to stitch with.
What a treasure they are !!

Parsley said...

LOVE LOVE that you are using your stitching for cards.