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Monday, July 16, 2012

Normal Service will be resumed shortly

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I am really sorry that I haven't been around for awhile... in fact it appears that I have been missing in action for nearly a month....  How do I know that - well, next weekend is IHSW and my last post was my TUSAL and IHSW from last month!

I'm not really sure why I haven't been blogging lately.... my motivation for most things seems to have waned a bit over the last few weeks since we lost Daisy dog.  I have been trying to keep up with everyone's blogs but even that has been a wee bit slow as well!  Apologies though as I haven't been commenting as much as normal and there are an awful lot more posts on Byline on my iPhone that I still haven't managed to read yet!  But I will get caught up soon....

And to top it all off Hubby and I have been doing a lot soul searching as to whether we should move closer to the city.  This is the second time this year that we have thought about moving and both times we have come to the conclusion that we should just stay where we are and save the money we would have spent on moving.  In this economic climate I think that saving money is probably the best solution all round....  And the other thing is every house we looked at just didn't cut it in one very important area - no decent sized room for a craft room!!  After all when you have 2 crafters in one house who both love collecting stash you need a decent sized room to store it all in!!! ;o)

So with all the emotion of losing Daisy, and then with all the stress of thinking about moving house, plus work has been very busy for both of us, by the end of the day I just don't seem to have the energy to do much else...  so that's why I haven't been around very much.

Hopefully things will start to pick up soon especially now that the Doctor has decided that I need a weekly shot of iron in the rear end!!  So fingers crossed my motivation will come out of hiding and then slowly everything else will fall back into place....

I may have been a bit slack on the blogging front but I have managed to do some stitching - albeit very small things.  Stitching bug is still here but not enough to focus on a big project.  I have been doing some thank you stitching for the little MS Lovers Blog pixies that sent me pressies for the spring exchange.  I haven't quite finished them all yet but I will show you some in my next post - which I promise won't be in a month's time!!

Hubby and I do have a bit of good news to look forward to.... besides our holiday to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks!

About a month ago we met by pure chance a lovely lady who lives down the road with a gorgeous Cavalier King Charles who just happened to be pregnant!  The three beautiful puppies were born just over 2 weeks ago and the last two weekends we have been visiting and falling in love....  We hadn't planned to get another puppy so soon after Daisy going but sometimes fate deals a hand that you just have to play with.... and that is what we are going to do.  We are going to take one of these gorgeous little puppies - a cute little Blenheim girl.
Our new baby - 2 weeks old
Now we just need to think of a name for her??

I also must do a post on the 11 Questions thingie that is going around.  I have been tagged by two lovely bloggers (Kaye - Kitten Stitching and Anne - Doll's Musing) and I still haven't managed to answer their questions....  So a bit of thinking to do and then I will do a post to reveal all!!

So that it from me for now.  I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am still alive!!

Oh, and if you get a chance keep an eye on Hubby's blog as he is planning a giveaway and he is looking for hints as to what makes a good giveaway.  He is slowly collecting bits and pieces so pop on over and give him some clues!

See you all again very soon for some pure energy stitching... or something like that anyway!

Keep safe, and happy stitching...


cucki said...

Hello deary welcome back :)
I love the new baby so much
Keep well love cucki xxx

Anne said...

Aw Noni. It's always hard loosing a beloved pet and it takes time to heal. I see your new baby though! She's a beauty and yes sometimes it is fate...it's how we got Titus and he brings alot of joy into our lives!!! Answer the questions when you can!!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What an adorable puppy! My neighbour has a King Charles too.
Here's an idea - if you can't find a house with a spare room - why not sleep in the lounge and turn the bedroom into a craft room? Or have a kitchen/diner/lounge and use the lounge as a craft room! Heck, live in the garden shed and have the whole house for craft. Get your priorities right LOL.

sharine said...

What a sweet little puppy. I can't wait to see what you call your new baby.

Valma said...

hoooooo what a sweet, lovely and cute little puppy !
how can't we fall in love with her =)
here, each year , dogs and cats names have to begin with a specific letter, don't know if it's the same for you
2012 is H ! not easy you would say ! Hope =D
Sure you'll find her a great name and sure you'll have soon great moments to share with her
I know it'll never be like Daisy, but it'll be different and great anyway =)
Sometimes it's necessary to make a pause in our activities
it happens just like that. soon you'll come back and don't be sorry , it's not a duty =D
I'm going to have a look at Hubby's blog...
big hugs

♥ Nia said...

ohhhhhhh such a cutie =) Congrats for your new baby girl!! :D hehehe She will bring some joy to your house, for sure =)
Ohh sweetie, don't be sad for not posting as much or following blogs every day.. day by day, everything will fall into place and tomorrow will be better :) Just breathe, relax, soon you will feel better and motivation will come along too ;) Sometimes is good to take a break :)
Hugs!!!! =)

TammyK said...

Your new puppy is soooo cute :-)

Ewa said...

She. Is. DARLING. Never a replacement, of course, but absolutely darling. You must keep us updated with photos of her!

I'm glad you're not moving. I'm in the midst of unpacking and it's driving me absolutely bonkers.

Hugs to you!

Catherine said...

Aaawwwwww.....sweet puppy!!! Congrats on your new addition!

Francesca Violetta said...

First of all, I well understand your sadness for the loss of Daisy... pls accept a very big hug from me for this. And what about the new puppy?? she's so lovely, cute, adorable, I love her! Did you choose the name? May I suggest Bridget? I love that name!
dear Noni, I wish you and your family all the best, Take care