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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Totally Useless SAL - New Moon 20 May 2012 Update

Goodness me.... It's time for another ORT Report!

This month I have mainly been stitching on my Rose Garden Mandala, but I did take time out to stitch a little birthday card for the Craft Bubble "Crazy for Kitties" Birthday Exchange.
Teacup Kitty - designer Margaret Sherry
Cross Stitch Card Shop issue 82
Stitched for Craft Bubble Crazy for Kitties Birthday Exchange
This cute little kitty was a freebie in the Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine, issue 82.  I used papers from various paper crafting magazines for the background and stitching frame.  The birthday greetings also came from a magazine.  The flowers and little butterflies were in my stash as was the gold ribbon that I tied into the bow.  The little bit of bling came from, of all places, the table decorations from my brother's wedding!  (Yes, I keep all sorts of strange things!!)  I made the 2 pins with beads from my stash.  I have also added a little chinese gold coin for good luck.  This little cutie kitty will be in the mail to the UK tomorrow morning along with a couple of little kitty gifts.

Also this month I finished my Autumn Kitty (MS Lover's Blog SAL #3) into a little pillow.  I found the fabric for this a few weeks ago when we went to Handcrafters House.  Once I started to stitch the pillow I realised just how perfect the fabric was!  The pillow ended up being bigger than I had originally planned it to be....when I stitched the large piece of fabric to the kitty for the back of the cushion, I looked at it and thought it actually looked nicer with the fabric on both sides of the kitty.... and so I continued along a different line!  Here is Autumn Kitty in all his glory!
Autumn Kitty - MS Lovers Blog Cool Cats SAL
I haven't as yet started my next Cool Cat for this SAL nor my piece for the MS Lover's Blog Summer Exchange, but they will be started in the next week.  I still have to "finish" off my Culinary Cats from the first MS Lover's Blog SAL.  All the cats are stitched and I have now finally decided how to finish them off.  That may take a few weeks before I have another update on the finish.

Now for the all important TUSAL photo for the month of May!
ORT's, Dragon and Tea Cup from Australia's Biggest Morning Tea
This month's photo shows the ORT's and the Dragon with a lovely tea cup from Australia's Biggest Morning Tea.  This event happens here in Australia in May as a fund raising event for the Cancer Council.  At my workplace we are doing our morning tea on Tuesday and Hubby's workplace is doing their morning tea on Thursday.  A bit of sweet pig out week ahead!!  My favourite kind!!

Now this weekend has been the weekend of IHSW... but unfortunately I haven't really stitched very much at all - but that is for another post tomorrow or Tuesday.  When I do the IHSW update hopefully I will have a picture of my finished Rose Garden Mandala.  I am in the final run up to finishing this - stitching the beads.  Almost done!!

You may have noticed that my pictures have all been prettied up!  I read somewhere on my blog stalking travels (sorry can't remember which blog) about a website called Picmonkey that you can pretty up your pictures... so I had a little play today and the pictures on this post are the result.  If you want to have a look and play with your pictures I recommend it.  It is a free website - for now at least!!  So make the most of it :o)

Well dear readers, that's it for another ORT report.  See you all again same time next month.... Pop on over to Daffycat's blog if you are interested in signing up or keeping in touch with what is going on with the 2012 TUSAL.

Til the next new moon on 19 June 2012, happy stitching and may your collection of ORT's keep growing!

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dulcinella said...

Your jar is looking great and has some wonderful companions:-) y our projects are wonderful. The pictures look indeed great. I also read about the program and i amgoing to give it a try one of these days!

Daffycat said...

I adore your Margaret Sherry kitties! Awesome mug with the daisies. Too bad it doesn't come with a darling kitty in it ~ it looks just like one of MS's doesn't it?

Anne said...

Love your MS kitties!!! Especially the first one! I like how you made a MS pillow too!! Liking your dairy mug :D Going to check out that picmonkey site!!

Anonymous said...


Your MS finishes are just gorgeous, I love MS cats.
Great TUSAL too!

Thoeria said...

Cute little kitties! And your dragon looks like it's guarding a hoard of lovely orts :)

mdgtjulie said...

I love your kitty, Noni. That card is adorable. But won't it get smushed in the mail? I would imagine that it's flat by the time it gets to it's destination. The little pillow is darling too. And I saw the Picmonkey post too, and have been using it for my pics too. It's awesome!! Pretty orts, and I love your dragon. I'm a big dragon fan!

sharine said...

The cat card is so cute as is all your stitching.

Jen said...

Your finishes are just adorable! Love the teacup kitty one especially. :)

Laura said...

adorables the two finishings...very very cute your two kitties, but most of all the teacup one!!!
pet Daisy for me!!!
big hugs

Valma said...

How adorable kitties again =D
Can't wait to see your finish with the culinary cat =D
I love the fabric you used for your Autumn cat
and your card...it's adorable...but as mdgtjulie said, I would be afraid it suffers from travelling by mail :-/
big big hugs my sweet Australian friend

♥ Nia said...

I loooove your little kitty =) What an adorable finish!! =)
Oh and the fabric for your Autumn cat! Great choice :D Looks perfect!! Congrats sweetie =)