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Friday, November 18, 2011

What do IKEA and Margaret Sherry have in common?

By joining the two together I managed to complete the first part of the Margaret Sherry Lover's SAL.

Yes, the snowman is done!  Now all I have to do is stitch the Santa.....

It took me some time to work out what to do for this SAL.  I thought about doing them as ornaments, then as christmas cards, or even little cushions... but nothing really grabbed me as the ideal "vehicle" to show the lovely designs off until the IKEA Christmas catalogue dropped into the post box.

Now I hear you asking what does the IKEA catalogue have to do with the MS designs.... not alot except for the lovely teatowels that were in one of the photos.  This started me thinking that maybe I could stitch them onto a teatowel and as we were going up to IKEA anyway to have a look at some storage cabinets to put in the craft room, the timing was perfect!

The teatowels came in a pack of two.. even more proof that this was the right choice!  The next thing to do was to raid the stash drawer and see what waste canvas I had hiding in there.  I found some 14ct but that would have been too small to stitch the design in the middle of the teatowel, so after searching a bit more I located some 8.5ct DMC waste canvas that I must have bought about 20 years ago and never used!  Perfect!  Nice big Snowman for the middle of the teatowel.

IKEA Christmas Teatowel - just perfect for stitching on!

So after measuring and basting the waste canvas onto the teatowel off I went.... Snowman took just a week to stitch, and then out came the waste canvas and, look at what we have...
Stitched using 4 strands of DMC for x-stitch and 2 strands for backstitch

Finished Santa Teatowel
(I really should have ironed this before taking the photo!)
A lovely big snowman (albeit without pom pom).  I did buy some little pom poms to stitch on the top of his hat but have decided he doesn't need a pom pom.

If you want to see what the other stitchers have done with their Santa and snowman designs pop on over to the MSherry Lover's Blog and take a look.

Now it's about time I started the Santa design on the other teatowel, but first I have to get a couple of small cards done and sent to the UK and the USA and then Santa is the next on the list.  Hopefully he will stitch up nice and quick too!

Til next time happy stitching


Lesley said...

That is a lovely idea. I really like this MS design:)

Stephie said...

That is a fab idea, and your snowman looks great on that towel :)

cucki said...

hello dear, i love it so much..snowman is so sweet and it is looking so beautiful on tea towel..what a great idea..so much looking forward for santa now..
keep well love for you xx

♥ Nia said...

Just saw it on MSherry Fan blog! :D
Looks amazing Noni, really pretty! You had a great idea ;) Congrats!!