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Monday, October 10, 2011

Winners are Grinners!

Oh my goodness!  This is rather exciting....
I signed onto my email account today and discovered not one but two emails from lovely people telling me that I had won their giveaways!!  Oh wow, thank you Carolyn and Kay.  It's wonderful to be the lucky winner of your gorgeous giveaways.

Double happy dance!!  More stalking the postman.....

So what did I win....

Kay's (Kay's Random World) giveaway was a Lizzie Kate design, threads and some Christmas stitching fabric.  Kay's Random World Lizzie Kate Giveaway

Carolyn's (Taking One Stitch at a Time) Halloween giveaway was a package of Lizzie Kate limited edition kits, Halloween fabric, aida, thread and two halloween tucks.  Taking One Stitch at a Time Halloween Giveaway

So am I spoilt or what?!?!

Thank you ladies for picking me out of all the other entrants.

Speaking of giveaways.... I think it must be my turn to host a giveaway...  Especially as I have been so lucky lately and been winning these lovely giveaways.  I will put on my thinking cap and let you know very soon what I am going to do.  It is a bit late for a Halloween one, but maybe a Christmas giveaway, or a New Year giveaway or something completely different!  The noise you hear is my brain getting into gear.... the smoke you smell is the brain cells charging up for some serious thinking!!

Time to say bye bye.... thank you Kay and Carolyn for my lovely giveaway wins.

Til next time happy stitching


  1. Congratulations on your double win! I also won a giveaway on Randi's blog, The Stash Asylum, http://crochetstashroom.blogspot.com. The good luck is really thick around here!

  2. congratulations dear..a big hugs for you..i am so happy too :)
    love and lots of love for you xx

  3. oooo well done on the wins :) they sound good will go over and see what you have won :) love mouse xxxx

  4. Love your post title!! Congrats on your wins!!!

  5. uhuu! congratulations lucky girl ;)
    Have a great week :D

  6. Oh wow! congrats on your double win. Very lucky! :)


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