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Friday, September 2, 2011

Totally Useless SAL Update - New Moon 29 August 2011

Oh dear, late again!!  But as they say better late than never....

So hear we go, the latest TUSAL update from me.

As I didn't get to take my photo until today, and the sun was shining for a very brief time through the black clouds after a wet, thundery night, I thought that maybe I would take the photo outside today, and of course "Spring has also sprung" so what a better way to celebrate Spring than a photo with the Nasturtiums!
TUSAL Update - New Moon 29 August 2011
Daisy and the ORt's Jar
The ORT's this month have lots of lovely colours with a spattering of greys from Culinary Cat #2.  The reds on top are from the latest quilt square that I am stitching for "Quilts 4 Kids". 
The Never-Fail Nastartium patch -
dies off every summer and comes back every winter. 
This is the best they have ever been... all that lovely rain!!
Last night we had a significant amount of very heavy rain.  We were woken up around 11.30pm by the sound of heavy rain and the rain went on til about midnight when the thunderstorm hit and there was even more heavy rain.    Around 1am I dozed off and it was still raining... not sure how much rain we got but the forecasters predicted around 20mm (or almost an 1" in the old money)... I reckon we probably got at least that much...  Good start to our Spring rainfall!

The heavy rain did unfortunately batter my beautiful pansy pots around, but they will perk back up again soon (I hope).
One of the pansy pots after last night's rain looking very bedraggled!
Oh, and there is a geranium in that pot somewhere.....
 When Daisy Dog and I went for a very quick walk this morning (the sky looked very threatening so we didn't stay out too long), we wandered past the park down the street.  This park is like a big soakwell / catchment area for all the stormwater drains in the area.  Last week this park was dry.... today it is like a lake!  Even the ducks were there this morning....

If you look closely enough you can actually see the rings of where the water came up to.  It is now receeding and will probably be gone by tomorrow.  It takes quite a signifcant amount of rainfall for there to be this much water in the park - all very good news for our dams and catchment areas.
"Lake" in the park at the end of the street

Looking across the "lake"
So that's it for this ORT report.  I will be back in the next few days with a stitching update and a look at what I did last weekend.....

For more info on the TUSAL pop over to Daffycat's blog.

Til the next new moon on 27th September 2011, happy stitching and may your collection of ORT's keep growing!

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SoCal Debbie said...

What a beautiful setting for your ORT jar! Thanks for sharing your neighborhood pics!

Bec said...

Oh! isn't Daisy adorable! :)
She is such a beautiful Shepherd. I may have to steal the idea and get Jambi in my next TUSAL photo, hehe.

Looks like you had plenty of rain! We have already had our first QLD storm for the wet season.

Here's hoping your flowers bounce back quick!

cucki said...

very lovely pictures..and daisy so sweet too.xx

mdgtjulie said...

Lovely about the rain. I wish we'd get some here. It's been forever!! I wish my flowers looked that good. It's been a long hot summer for them! Lovely ORTs. Thanks for sharing!!