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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quirky Cats

Hello again... it's Sunday afternoon and the weekend is nearly over, unfortunately!

Today I have spent a couple of hours turning a "quirky cat" into a birthday card for the Craftbubble "Crazy for Kitties" birthday exchange.  Tomorrow the quirky cat will be winging it's way over to the UK.

I stitched the design from a mini chart booklet that came with one of the "Cross Stitch Crazy" magazines - can't remember what issue though, sorry.  The booklet is called "Best Ever Pet Charts" and has animal designs by Lesley Teare, Sharon Welch and Lucie Heaton.  The one that I chose to stitch comes from the "Cheeky Chums" section of the booklet and was designed by Lucie Heaton.  It is a rather quirky patchwork cat in yellow and blues and I thought it would be lovely quick design to stitch and turn into a card.  It was quite quick to stitch and only took me about 4 evenings to stitch it.  It took almost as long again to turn it into a card this afternoon!  I'm not very creative when it comes to making cards so it takes awhile to think of what to do.... but I am quite pleased with the outcome.

Quirky cat - designed by Lucie Heaton
Best ever pet charts booklet - Cross Stitch Crazy magazine
Stitched for Craftbubble "Crazy for Kitties" Birthday Exchange
As promised, I have also taken a couple of photos of Oscar and Felix's new outdoor area.  The photos aren't the best as the light was failing yesterday when I remembered to take the photo.  Once we have some more plants in there and re-arrange things I will take some more photos.  The boys absolutely love their new area and have spent most of the day outside today sleeping in the sun!  They now have about 5 1/2 times the outdoor space that they had before. The best thing about the new space is that we can sit in there with them and Daisy can come too....  Although she is still getting the hang of the idea that the ball can't be thrown through the netting! 

Our boys are definately the most spoilt cats in this neighbourhood! 

Til next time, happy stitching


Mouse said...

oooo well done on the card it looks FAB and WOW your cats are really spoilt ..lol ... actually was going to ask as to why you need the netting ??? waving small paw at daisy :) love mouse xxxxx

Lumiruusu said...

Oh,I just love your
Quirky Cat-card!
The bold and bright colors are fabulous and the card looks great when finished!!

The cats will have great time on their new area...

SoCal Debbie said...

Such a cute card, perfect contrast border! Your cat patio is fantastic; such safe and lucky kitties!

Joysze said...

Oh... the card adorable Noni.

Love your patio, especially those flower pots.

♥ Nia said...

I love your happy cat :D Beautiful colors! Adorable card =)

Your cats are probably feeling on paradise :D hehehe

Parsley said...

The cat card is really cute and such happy colors!

Love that you made a special place for the animals. Of course, you know I'm a sucker for animals.

StitchCat said...

Love the card - great design to stitch.