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Monday, May 23, 2011

Angels and Cats!

Well, firstly sincere apologies for not being around much the past month or so.... don't know where time is going to.  I can't believe that it is over 2 weeks since my last post!  I have been very busy at work lately, and have been doing my stitching every night.  Also things have been quite busy at home over the past few weeks as well.... so it's no wonder that I haven't had much time to get on the computer!  The poor old computer sits in the corner of the study wondering what has happened to me - I think it will soon leave home if I don't start it up more regularly!!!

So if I haven't been online, then what have I been doing??

I finished the last bit of backstitch on my playful puppy and started the Precious Moments angel for the final Quilts 4 Kids square that I had signed up for.  The angel is now finished and was sent off the other day.  The quilt square was for Tatum R, and her theme was Angels and Butterflies.  This design was so easy to stitch and I really enjoyed it.  It was lovely watching the angelic face appear.  It was a free design from the Gloria and Pat website and is called "Light the Way".  I just love the Precious Moments designs.  Hopefully I will have the opportunity to stitch some more of these cute angelic designs one day.  The backstitch on this design was so easy - the designers actually tell you in what order to stitch the backstitch and where certain areas start and finish (ie around the sleeves and hands) so there is no trying to interpret for yourself.... makes backstitch a joy to do!!!
Precious Moments "Light the Way" by Gloria & Pat
Stitched for Tatum R - Quilts for Kids
 So for now I will be taking a break from the quilt squares as I have to finish off a couple of other things - mainly my Margaret Sherry Culinary Cats!  I am currently finishing off a little MS cat that I started ages ago - just to prepare myself for the Culinary Cats onslaught that will start on the weekend!

I also quickly made up a birthday card to send to the UK as part of the Craftbubble "Crazy for Kitties" birthday exchange.  I had previously stitched the "Kiri kitten" so I just had to pull it all together as a card.  I spent a lovely Friday morning doing the card while the weather was trying to blow the backyard away.  I recently bought the "Ultimate Crafter's Companion Pro" so I used that to fold and score my cardstock.  I also watched the instructional DVD to see what else you can do with it.  I don't make a lot of cards but it does help to have the Ultimate Pro to do some of the different folds.  Not sure how creative I will be with it but you never know!
Birthday Card for Craftbubble "Crazy for Kitties" Birthday Exchange
On the home front, we have recently had our patio (pergola) pulled down and replaced with a lovely new gabled one and had the paving relaid to suit the new patio area.  The next step is to get the cats area reinstalled so that they can go outside again.  They have been very good boys over the last month while they have been house-bound.  But I think that on the 4th June they will be very happy kitties!  The area that they will have is going to be larger and will allow us the space to sit in the screened off area with them and Daisy Dog.  The boys have been quite excited since the new structure has been up as now we have 2 little Willie Wag-tail birds coming in under the patio for a visit.  They have always visited the back yard but usually hang around by the vegie patch.  Although, once the cat's screen goes back up they might not want to come so close to the house.... I'm sure that Felix and Oscar would be very happy to welcome them in though....  It is so funny watching Oscar and Felix when the birds come close to the house - they make these funny meow noises and their whole bodies quiver...  don't think they would know what to do though if they were confronted with a bird!  And fingers crossed it stays that way - that is one of the reasons they have a safe outdoor area to play in - birds and cats are both safe then!!!
Willie Wagtail sitting on new patio gable
and then there were 2!
Willie Wagtail might be able to wander around on the patio now but
after the 4th June the cats will be back in this area.....
Oscar sound asleep on the elephants!  Notice how the cushions are all now laying
down so that a very special little man can curl up and go to sleep...
What else can a boy do but sleep when he can't go outside!!!
Well, I guess that's about it for this post.  Hopefully the next post will be much sooner than 2 weeks!!!

Til next time, happy stitching!


Kathy A. said...

Lovely stitch for your quilt block. I think the recipient will love it.
Look forward to the "cats". It should be fun.
Wonderful pergola.

♥ Nia said...

That birthday card is so adorable!! =)
Love your PM too! I stitched one for Love Quilts (Portugal) but it was a soccer theme :)
Have a lovely week!! Hope to see you MSherry cats soon ;)

Joysze said...

Wonderful quilt blocks, Noni. They're so pretty.

Love your new gable and those flower boxes on the wall are to die for!! Oscar is too cute. :D