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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday on my mind!

It's Friday..... I just love Friday....  Second best day of the week - mainly because I don't have to go to work on a Friday and that means that I get the whole day to blog and stitch....  and boy do I have a lot of blog reading and stitching to catch up on!  Best day of the week is Saturday as hubby is also home!

Today is a lovely day here in Sunny Perth, WA- in fact it is almost cold.... After having a run of 60 odd days without rain and being over 32 deg C (~90 deg F), we had rain yesterday (yippee - happy dance) and the temperature dropped dramatically.  I just had a look at the weather website and apparently down our way we had a low of 11.4 deg C overnight... no wonder I was cold during the night.  I had to get up and put on my fleecy PJ's, that's how cold I got.....  Of course snuggling up to hubby also helped, as did Felix when he decided to get on the bed at 4am for a purring cuddle!  Time to get the doona out of the cupboard...  Although we may still end up with one last hot spell near Easter, but I think we can safely say that Autumn has arrived - at long last!!!

More rain is due over the weekend and we will possibly have a wet Monday - which normally I would hate but I am going to grin and bear it as we so desparately need the rain!

Okay, so now for the latest stitching update.  As promised below is a pic of the monkeys that I am currently stitching for Quilts 4 Kids.  This square is for Wyatt A.  Wyatt's theme is Monkeys....

I decided to split the square in 4 and stitch some little motifs in each square.  So far I have completed 1 and nearly done the second - just the backstitch to go.  Then onto the next one....  Have to get a wriggle on as it is due next Friday!  Still the next 2 are quite small so shouldn't take long, even for the world's slowest stitcher (Me!).

The designs that I chose to stitch for Wyatt are from Cross Stitch Crazy issue 112 and 134.

Corner 1 - Cross Stitch Crazy, Issue 134
Corner 2 - Cross Stitch Crazy, Issue 112
Time to get off blogger now and go and start stitching before there are no more hours left in the day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend.  See you all again soon.

Til next time, happy stitching....


StitchCat said...

Yes Fridays are good, but I like any day really. Have to admit I am sitting here at home from work and it feels good. The little monkey looks good...very cute in fact :)

Ruth said...

Fridays are simply the best day of the week. I love it because I can turn off the alarm clock ! lol
I love your progress pic, well done.

Crystal said...

Great progress on your monkey square, they are looking very cute. Looking forward to seeing them all stitched up.

Joysze said...

Awww, it's so cute!!! I love his little face!!

Ditto on Friday... I get up every Friday morning and tell hubby... "YAY!! We get to sleep in tomorrow." LOL.