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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A walk in the park

Firstly before I do anything else, I would like to say hello to the lovely new online friends that have popped over to my blog to say hello.  It is lovely to meet you and to read your blogs.

Secondly, thank you for everyone who has popped in recently to say hello, and thank you for all your lovely comments.  It is really great to read them and as a stitcher it is lovely to have other stitchers like what I do - I actually find it quite inspirational reading your comments and your blogs. So thank you, I really appreciate your visits and encouraging words.

And,  I also must apologise as I haven't been doing much blog stalking over the last couple of days so I am a bit behind in everyone's goings on!  But I will rectify that over the next couple of days, after all there are all those lovely TUSAL jars to have a look at along with some great finishes!

Now onto today's post....

A little while ago I decided to get myself fit and healthy - but I have been very slack and done nothing - until now that is!  (Don't worry - it probably won't last long!!)  My biggest problem is I like my food too much, and too much of it....

My "One Little Word" was Faith, and part of that was that I would have faith in me and faith in me becoming a healthy little vegemite! 

And the best way to get healthy is to get off my lazy b-hind and get moving - but as I'm not one of these people that is very co-ordinated I don't do the gym or zumba or any of those other great looking exercise classes that you see on the telly... the only way I can move is to walk, and so walking I am trying to do!

Yesterday, and again today, I left my nice cool office at lunch time and went out in the midday sun (just like Noel Coward's mad dogs and Englishmen).  I walked along the cycle/walk paths until I came to the park near the freeway (a little oasis in the city) and then I walked around the little lake, back past the hospital and up the hill and back to work.... and 40 mins later I was back in my nice cool office!  A bit red in the face, and rather hot and sticky - but feeling pretty pleased with myself!  Two days in a row - wow!!

The park and lake is a really nice place to walk around - it is so peaceful.  I did stop on my walk for a couple of minutes to take some photos of the waterfall and the wildlife that live on and around the lake.

So will I be walking in the park tomorrow.... at the moment my shins say no... but my head says yes!  So we shall have to see how the day pans out!

Ducks on the lake
(I promise that is what they are!)
Black Swans
The very reason our beautiful river is called
the "Swan River"

A hidden waterfall
You can't see this unless you follow the paths
that go into the centre of the park & around the lake
 Til next time,


  1. What a lovely place you have to walk!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures :) Thanks for sharing!!
    Walking is really good for our health, not only physically but it also clears our mind :) And with this beautiful scenery? You should really enjoy!

  3. NIce to meet you, hello from faravay Croatia, from a cross titcher, sewr, knitter and crochet, well as a retired teacher and librarian hope I will realised nice things. Have a nice evening. Loredana


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