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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quick Finish and Stitching Update

Just a thought I'd do a quick post for this afternoon.... however nothing is ever quick when I get on Blogger!  As you will see I have been playing around with my background / blog template.... not sure if I will keep this one yet as it feels a bit too pink for me!!!  But it makes a nice change - and they do say that "variety is the spice of life" and it's probably time to spice up my blog!

So what have I been doing stitching-wise lately.  Well, mainly I have been stitching the butterfly that I chose to stitch for Quilts 4 Kids - Sarah I's butterfly quilt.  This has been quite a nice design to stitch albeit a bit tricky as the design is a very old DMC freebie pattern and looks to be hand drawn / coloured so the squares don't necessarily match the code at the bottom.  So in some places I have had to stitch what I feel is right.  Hopefully it will look very bright and cheerful when it's finished.

WIP - DMC Butterfly for Sarah I
Quilt for Kids
I did manage to have a little finish the other day.  Mark had to go into the city for a couple of appointments and I went with him and took some stitching with me to while away the time.  I was stitching the freebie "Country Diary Card" from the World of Cross Stitching (issue 167) - started it ages ago and put it aside to do other things.  So I thought seeing as it only had a bit of backstitch and the dreaded french knots to go I should make the effort to finish it - which I did!  Not sure what I will do with it yet - the freebie kit did come with it's own mounting card so I might use that or do something completely diffferent with it.  In the meantime it will go into the folder where all these little things go until I need them again!!

"Country Diary Card"
taken from original design by
Edith Holden's "Diary of a Edwardian Country Lady"
I neglected to show you a picture of the Margaret Sherry cat that I stitched for the Valentine's Swap.  So I will remedy that oversight in this post as well.  I also made the sparkly thing that is hanging over the coaster.

Coffee & Cuddles (Margaret Sherry Cat)
Cross Stitcher, Issue 198
Stitched for Maija, Finland (Valentine's Swap)
This week I need to start on my "MSherry Lovers" blog SAL cat so that I can at least say that I have started the February cat....  WIP photo will follow at a later stage.  I already have an idea of how to finish the cat but that can't be revealed until May when we have all finished our cats.  Can't wait to see what everyone is going to do with their cats!

That's it for this lovely overcast and cool Sunday afternoon.  It's time to say goodbye so that I can go and sit in front of the telly and watch the Western Force's first game of the 2011 season, and stitch some more of the butterfly!

Til next time,


Bec said...

Great progress on the butterfly.

Hooray for World of Cross stitching!
I love that magazine! Cross stitch Crazy is a great magazine too. I have it on order every month at my local newsagents.

Lovely finishes! The cat in the mug is down right adorable! I don't know of any cats who can fit into a coffee mug though! lol
Happy Stitching

Jan said...

Great finishes. The Country Diary Card is lovely. Maybe you can make it into a cover for a diary?

Lumiruusu said...

Thank You for visiting my blog again,it is always so wonderfull
to get a new blogging-friend!

The butterflye for the charity- quilt is great and
the colours are so bright .
It looks like a real butterflye from some excotic-garden..

The Country Diary pattern is beautifully stitched ,I love everything romantic and
"old fashioned".

The scissor-fob with the crystal beads is still on my favourite scissors and all my stitching friends had admired it :)

Your DH is very talented quilter,so nice that you both enjoy crafts.

The pink and every shades of it are my favourite colours so I truly like your new blog-background

Mark said...

...and the Force lost by one point :-(

Kim said...

Lovely stitching, I too am doing a square for Sarah, mine will be the quilt label. Which reminds me I had better wash it and get it mailed!

Mary Joan said...

The butterfly is coming along nicely, I just love the colours. I love your new finishes. MS Cat as a coaster is a great idea. The foxgloves also looks lovely. I must get my kit out and stitch it sometime! Time permitting. There never seems to be enough time to stitch everything you want to stitch! Keep up the good work.

Happy Stitching

Mary Joan

♥ Nia said...

Oh my! "Country Diary Card" is so pretty!! Brautiful :)
I've seen your MSherry coster, looks adorable =) I hope you'll stitch the other three ;) hehehe
Have a lovely day!!

Joysze said...

Oooh Noni, I looooooooooove your Margaret Sherry finish. He's so precious!!!!

Congrats on the Country Diary finish. The colors are just beautiful.

I think your butterfly is looking bright and cheerful already, and it's going to be spectacular when you're done with it. :D

Стю said...

Wow, I was fascinated with your "Country Diary Card"!!! It's so vivid and bright! Wonderful colors! You've done an excellent work with these creations!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know where you got the pattern for the Country Diary Card, I would love to stitch that!