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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two does go into one!

Well, this is a first - I have had two finishes in one day!  Never before have I managed to do this....  don't think it will ever happen again either!

Firstly, I have finished Thomas the Tank Engine.  I stitched Thomas for the Australian Quilts 4 Kids organisation.  I started him on 27 December 2010 and put in the last bit of the backstitch today.  I even totalled up the hours I took to stitch him - 30 hours all up (give or take 1/2 an hour).  I will now wash and press him and mail him off to the Quilts 4 Kids organiser during the next few days.

This square is due on 28 February, so I am way ahead of schedule so far!  Just as well too as I have quite a bit of stitching to do in the next month....

Thomas the Tank Engine
completed 16 Jan 2011
Design from
Cross Stitcher Magazine (April 2002)
The second finish of the day is a little cat fridge magnet but as it is a birthday exchange gift for someone in the UK I can't show you a photo until it arrives there safely along with the birthday card that I now have to start stitching.  This exchange is due in the UK on 3 February.  Not much time to stitch and send but the card I have chosen shouldn't take long to stitch (I hope!)

Once I have done that exchange, I need to get onto the stitching for the Valentine's exchange that Parsley has organised.  I have my swap person's name but I'm not giving you any hints as to where this exchange is being sent or what I am doing - you will just have to wait until February 14th!

After stitching the Valentine's exchange, I then need to start on another square for Quilts 4 Kids.  This one will be the butterfly design for little Sarah I.  That square is due on 30 March.

Then it will be the Winnie the Pooh square for Alexis W which is due 15 April.

If I get a good head start on these two I might sign up for a fourth square but I suspect that really would be biting off more than I can chew or I should say stitch....

And, I have also signed up to do a Biscornu exchange for the end of February - although I am still waiting to hear if that is going ahead or not.  I have never done a Biscornu so I am quite looking forward to doing this... I hear that they are addictive though!  Oh, well what's another harmeless addiction to add to my other addictions - cross stitch, blogging, cross stitch forums, exchanges... the list goes on!

Of course, I still have to find time to finish off the "Edwardian Country Lady's Diary" that I started in November last year, and I also need to put the needle back into Bonsai and Buddha.  Buddha is feeling very neglected!

As I have mentioned before I always work better with a deadline, and it appears to apply to my stitching as well as my job!  Stitching goals are just as important as any other goals....

Oh, and before I go - have a look at Felix with his "Precious".  This is a little blue toy mouse that he plays with.  He has been walking around the house with this in his mouth over the last couple of days and meowing like he has caught a real mouse!  He then took it outside into their enclosure yesterday morning and wouldn't let Oscar anywhere near it!  My Precious!!  (and yes, he did bring it back inside so that it was safe and sound and no other pussy cats could steal it)
My Precious
Til next time,


Emily said...

WOW!! You've been quite the busy stitcher!! It sounds like you have a busy stitching schedule ahead of you!! Can't wait to see your other finishes!!

Cole said...

Thomas looks great!!! It will be an amazing addition to a little boys quilt! Good for you :)

Joysze said...

Congrats on the double finish, Noni!! What a fabulous stitching start to 2011. :D

You are so right... what's another harmless addiction and biscornus are too cute to not get into. Can't wait to see your first one.

Thanks for Felix's story... it cracked me up.

Jennie said...

Sounds like you will be very busy stitching! (not that it's a bad thing of course...) :P

Lovely finish on the quilt square, a little boy will love that!

Can't wait to see your first biscornu too. :)

♥ Nia said...

Hi Noni!
Thank you for your comment about my 'Stitch in Time' on Margaret Sherry Fan Blog :)
Really nice to found your blog!
Congrats on your finishes :D

Nicola said...

wow! congrats on the 2 finishes! i've never done that myself! love thomas, he's precious!