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Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Little Word 2011

one little word
A single word can be a powerful thing.
It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything.
It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow.
~ Ali Edwards

The paragraph above comes from a blog by Ali Edwards.  She started off a "one little word" challenge a couple of years ago primarily as a scrapbooking aid, but she also challenged her readers to incorporate it more into their everyday life, to focus on it, meditate on it and once a week create something relating to the word - ie a scrapbook layout, a journal/blog post or just something simple like a post-it note to put on the fridge!

I first saw this idea a couple of days ago on on SheilaC's blog (My Empty Nest is Full of Cat Hair).  Sheila wrote about how she had chosen "Focus" as her 2011 word.

After reading Sheila's post and showing it to hubby, it got both of us thinking about what could be our respective word for the 2011.  Mark is still thinking, although he does have an idea, he just needs to find the right word - once he does so he will post it on his blog.  So watch this space - or rather that space!!

Anyway, my thought processes went around, and around, and around again....  I went to Ali's blog and read through the postings from the last couple of years to see what other people have had as their words looking for "Inspiration".  Although in my heart I already knew what my word was going to be....

Yesterday I thought about words all around the idea of health and renewing myself; starting and finishing things; organising, etc.  Today I thought about words relating to love and happiness and cherish, - but you know what, 2 little words kept pushing all the other words out of the way and they insisted on being in the forefront of my thought process...

But, I still needed "Proof" that the 2 words that were foremost in my thoughts were the right ones!

So I then I thought to myself "how do I solve a problem like Noni?!?"  Do an ideas wall - cut out the words and mix them up and pick one that way.... yep sounds good to me!  But I thought I'd be a bit more "Creative" and used 2 of my card punches to make the cut outs for the words.  I then got a piece of black paper and laid them all out upside down.  But, before I had a chance to pick out a word something stopped me....

I had another thought - what about my Doreen Virtue Angel Cards.  I could use them to help pick out my word.  So after centring myself and "Meditating" on the task I wanted to "Complete", I shuffled the cards and let the Angels guide my hand.

Nine cards gave off the strongest "Yes" so I put them aside.  When I checked the cards, this is what I had turned over in the order that I picked them from the deck.

Their meanings are:

Listening - You are in communication with your Angels and the messages that you are receiving are very real indeed.  Trust them.  (Well, I did hear the Angels when they told me to get the cards and I trusted them to give me my word)

Meditation - Meditation is very important for you right now.  Enjoy practising it often.  (This is true - I have been telling myself for ages I need to take time out to centre and organise my thoughts more often, and that is what I was doing this morning when I was looking for "Clarity" on my word)

Focus - Think about what you want, not what you don't want.  Guard your thoughts carefully because they create your experiences.  (How very true, I have been thinking lately that I need to focus more on getting myself fit and healthy and stop worrying about why I can't find the time to exercise - so looks like this could be my word)

Playfulness - Fun and play is the Angels' way!  They guide you to add fun to your life, and to know that fun is a necessity, not a luxury. (Well yep, we could all do with more fun in our lives - I have always tried to live by the credo "stress less and laugh more", but unfortunately life gets in the way an awful lot of the time)

Harmony - Conflict is resolved in a situation that was troubling you.  Know that you deserve this peace and happiness, and accept it graciously.  (My star sign is Libra so harmony is very important to me - "Balance" and "Harmony" are a big part of what makes me feel good - so this is looking like my word for the year)

Serenity - You are moving into a time of greater inner peace and tranquility.  (Another potential word for 2011 that feels right and is speaking to me)

Divine Guidance - Trust and follow your intuition.  It is God and the Angels speaking to you now.  (This is interesting - when I follow my intuition things always turn out right - when I don't that's when life goes off course.  I know that I have to follow my intuition but sometimes I ignore it - should this be my word for 2011?)

Intention - Your intentions create your experiences.  What do you intend to happen?  Make sure that your thoughts and feelings reflect your true intentions. (Yet another card telling me to be careful in what I think - should my word be "Intention" or should it be "Positive" as in thinking only positive thoughts and no negative thoughts?)

Body Care - The Angels urge you to care for your physical body.  You are asked to eat healthy foods, to excerise regularly, and to avoid toxins.  (Well, well, proof yet again that I need to look after my health.  I have only used these cards about 1/2 a dozen times in the 4 years I have had them and each time this card comes up!  I think I am being told something... and this time I will "Listen".  My lifestyle goal for 2011 is to get fit and reduce my weight - so this card has just reinforced that goal!  Maybe "Health" should be my word?)

So, what is my word??  Actually my chosen word is "Faith".

"Faith" and "Believe" are the two words that have been coming up a lot lately in most things that I have done, and both words have been in my thoughts for some time.  They have over the last 2 days pushed all other words out the way and have become increasingly insistent that they be heard.  Even going through the process of the Angel cards is a sign that "Faith" and "Believe" are the words I need to "Listen" to this year.  I have chosen Faith over Believe as I feel that ultimately they mean the same things and Faith is the stronger word of the two.

So what do I mean by "Faith"?

To me this word is not just about a faith in God and Angels and their guidance, it is more about me having faith and belief in myself and in what I can do.

I have been thinking over the last few months about who I want to be in the next stage of my life - what sort of 50 year young lady do I want to be.  I have this desire to reinvent myself and to have the courage to be the person that I want to be.  I think there is a quirky "old"  lady hiding inside that wants to come out....

Yes, I admit it, I want to be a "Red Hat Lady", although technically I can only be a "Pink Hatter" at the moment!  In 2011 I will have been on this Earth for 47 years and now is the time to prepare for the next 47 years!!  And no, this is not a mid-life crisis - I think I've already had that!!

I am a confident, outgoing sort of person and I generally don't suffer from low self esteem, but I do worry about what people may think of me!  But now I believe that I have to have faith in me, and stop worrying about what other people may think when I wear quirky earrings or a silly hat, or a brightly coloured skirt, or funky shoes!  So from now on, if I want to wear something a little bit more outlandish than my counterparts, guess what I'm going to indulge myself!!

I am very lucky to be married to a wonderful, supportive husband.  We found each other in 2002 and right away I knew that he was my "Soul Mate".  I felt connected to Mark even before I spoke to him - it really was a bit spooky... it was my intuition talking to me then - and I listened to it!  We have been married since 2005.  Our marriage continues to grow and evolve as we do as people.  Mark believes that we are "Ying and Yang" and it is true.  He has faith in me, as I have faith in him and we both have faith and believe in our love for each other.  And guess what, we can both be quirky and whimsical together which will make it all the more fun!

I guess that proves that my "one little word" for 2011 has just "gotta be FAITH"

Til next time,

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mark said...

F is for our future together
A is for the angels who look over you
I is for me and also for you
T is for my total love for you
and H is for happiness which you give me so much of.

Love you MXX(L))XX