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Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Saturday, and all is well - or is it?

As I sit here today pondering what to write my heart goes out to the people in Queensland that are going through such a traumatic and heart breaking time.  The power of water is something to marvel at when it is the sea breaking on a sandy beach or a beautiful waterfall, but when it is rain and storms, and swollen creeks and rivers wreaking havoc on the land and people's homes and livelihoods, and lives are being lost (both human and animal) it is something to be very fearful of.

We have been watching over the last few weeks what has been happening in Queensland, and especially over the last few days, and have also seen the floods in our own state of WA in Carnarvon.  There have been devastating floods in NSW as well, and now there are floods in Victoria and heading for SA.  I have also read that Tasmania and the NT have been hit by severe rain as well.  The scale and horror of this disaster in Queensland just seems to keep on growing.  Even now there is more rain expected for the East Coast as well as a cyclone!

The Courier Mail has a series of photos of the Queensland floods which tell a tale of a state torn apart, not just a city.  There have been some amazing stories of survival, but there are so many more stories of heartbreak.  At times the images that we have been watching have been so over-powering that I am struggling to believe what I am seeing.  It is like watching the 2007 disaster movie "Flood" where London was flooded when a tidal surge overwhelms the barrier in the Thames Estuary.

Except what we have been watching this week is real... not Hollywood hype and make-believe and computer graphics!  Mark and I have been to God's Own Country (Queensland) a couple of times now - we have walked along those streets in Brisbane that were flooded and no longer visible 2 days ago, and as the water recedes are now covered in this revolting stinking mess of mud and goodness knows what else!

As I have been reading some of the Aussie blogs that I follow, and the local papers, I have been heartened to see how much the Aussie spirit is flourishing.  Armies of volunteers are heading into Brisbane to begin the mammoth task of cleaning up the city.  Clean ups are also beginning in the other towns and communities that have been flooded.  There are some areas that are still water logged and will be for some time to come.  The road back to normality will be long and hard, and I don't know how many will actually be able to stay the distance.

While blogging I have also seen a number of crafters wanting to do something to raise funds to help the flood victims.  I have listed some links to crafters who are doing something to help raise funds for flood relief.  I am sure that there are many more people out there doing things to help online, these are just the ones that I have seen so far.

Also the Queensland Government has set up a relief fund to raise much needed funds to help out the people of Queensland.

Our hearts and prayers are with all those people around Australia that have been affected by this devastating show of nature's fury.

And while all this is going on in our backyard, there are now devastating floods in Brazil.... Words truly can't describe what we are seeing at home and around the world at the moment, all we can do is pray and help out where we can.
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Pumpkin said...

We've been watching this awful disaster and our hearts go out to those affected :o( There has been SO much flooding all over this year. I'm glad to hear that you have not been affected.

Jennie said...

Such an awful disaster for our Aussie neighbours. So sad and traumatic for those involved especially those who lost family and friends, homes and livelihoods, but also uplifting to see everybody pulling together to help each other in that true Aussie spirit. This NZ's heart goes out to all those affected.

Stitching Noni said...

It is such a sad thing to be happening, but isn't the human spirit an amazing thing... Poor old NZ has had it's fair share of disasters lately as well lately, with the earthquakes and the mine collapse. There just seems to be so much tragedy around the world at the moment.

Thank you for popping in and reading my post.


Mark said...

Well said my love - you have put it much more eloquently that I could - I am not ashamed to say that as we have watched the unfolding tragedy on the TV news I have been reduced to tears on many occasions.

I hope that all those affected by these disasters manage to continue to cope.

And that which ever God or angels that they believe in continue to look after them.