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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Monday 3 January 2011

So what did make me happy on Monday 3 January 2011?

Well, first starters this post is now late.... I did start this on Monday but got side tracked (as is my want to do sometimes) and didn't get it finished!!!  I did think that maybe I shouldn't post this at all and I could start my Monday posting's next week, but then I thought, hey it is still Monday somewhere in the world....

So here goes, what made me happy yesterday

Firstly, it was a Public Holiday Monday which means I had one more day at home on leave before returning to work.  Always a bonus on a Monday!

Secondly, the sun was shining but it was a very warm and sticky day, however apparently there is rain on the horizon - we do so need the rain so fingers crossed we do get some relief from the heat and that we get a decent thunderstorm to clear the air!

Thirdly, I managed to get another couple of hours stitching done this afternoon.  Although it isn't easy to stitch in this sticky weather I did manage to get the main part of Thomas finished and the little train below him stitched.  Only the train at the top, then the border and the back stitch to go.

So this post has turned into an update of Thomas as well as a "what made me happy on Monday" post....

I am now going to do my TUSAL update as it is a new moon today!  So that makes me happy today.

Thomas the Tank Engine
update 030111
Til next time,


  1. Oh, I love this cross stitch! It looks great.

    I loved thomas the tank engine when I was little. To be honest... I still like him! lol

    Where did you get this pattern?
    I would love to do one for myself lol.

    Happy Stitching

  2. Hi Bec, the Thomas design is from the April 2002 Cross Stitcher mag

  3. I loved this Thomas! I stitched him for my son in '05 I think... the shameful part is that I never did frame it... I should get it out and get that done! Yours looks great - not much further to go!


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