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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Follow You, Follow Me - in the immortal words of Phil Collins...

Woo, I am in a wee bit of shock dear readers....  The other day I logged onto my blog and my followers online friends had increased by one or two (thank you so much), and now I see that my followers online friends have doubled! 

I can't believe that so many wonderful people out there want to read about me and my stitching and my cats and whatever else I ramble on about!  This wonderful new hobby (or obsession, depends on who you are talking too) was started because my hubby wanted to show off his quilts somewhere.  And me being me, decided that this was a great idea and I would join the party!  Then I thought I'd have a squizz at who else was out there in the blog-osphere and I found all these wonderful blogs and amazing stitchers which I so just had to "follow" so that I could keep up with everyone's news.  I have to agree with the "Spinster Stitcher" it is a bit like stalking.... but it is harmless fun that consumes hours of my day..... hours that I should be doing housework or stitching!  I generally log on first thing in the morning and before I know it and hour or two has flown by.... oops!  I really have to be careful about logging on when I'm at work otherwise I may not be at work much longer!  My lunch break can so easily go from a quick squizz at one or two blogs to much longer - just one more little blog, please sir!!

Seriously I would like to say a very, very big Thank You to everyone who is reading my blog.  I will try to keep you updated on my stitching, and with a bit of luck entertained.  I look forward to stalking reading all your blogs and seeing what everyone is up to.

So that was shock number 1, now here's shock number 2!

I was doing my blog stalking and went to visit Nicola at Austin's Allandale in Stitches to see what she has been up to lately, and low and behold Nicola has nominated me to continue on the round robin of the "Stylish Blogger Award". Me!  Wow!  Now I have to work out what to do.....

So I had a look at the other great blogs that I noticed have been nominated and I now think I know what to do to pass this award on. 

But firstly I apparently need to tell you 5 (or 7) things about myself that you don't know.  That shouldn't be hard as I am one of the new kids on the block so to speak so I haven't said much about me yet....  here goes (oh no, this is harder than I thought)

Five things about me that you may not know:

1. I have blue/green eyes and mousy brown hair
2. I love teddy bears, dragons, penguins and owls
3. I am married to a Englishman (or as we Aussie's say - a Pom)
4. I love Vegemite sandwiches
5. I am hopeless at sewing - couldn't sew a straight line if my life depended on it (which is why I love cross stitch!)

Now I need to nominate some other blogs to pass this award onto...

Mark @ Mark's Quilts (yes, I know this is my hubby's blog, but he has done a lot of work on his blog lately and it looks pretty good - blatant plug)

Sally @ Bizzi Hands (Sally is one of my work mates, so yes I know, another blatant plug but I do love Sally's card that she creates)

Kim @ A Stitch in Thyme (love the colours of Kim's blog!  And a fellow Aussie stitcher/blogger)

Astrid @ Cross Stitched by Astrid (another fan of dragons!)

So while I wouldn't normally accept and pass on awards, I believe that this one is a nice way to introduce myself to you all and also a way to say thank you to my new online friends.  I look forward to seeing everyone around Blogland!

Til next time,


Lynn B said...

Thankyou for your visit to my blog, I am so glad you enjoyed your visit, come back soon!

Lynn B

Emily said...

I'm glad you're in our little "bloggy/stitchy" group!!!

My daughter is a huge penguin fan!!

And, I like you ... can't sew a straight line if I try, but I still try!! LOL

Have a great day!!!!

Catherine said...

I felt the same after starting my blognot too long ago. It is nice to see the numbers grow and to get such wonderful comments and support!

Hope you have a stitchy weekend!

Elaine said...

Another new follower, look forward to getting to know you.

Kim said...

OOH, I can't believe you nominated me for the award. Thank you!! :-)
P.S I also can't sew a straight line to save myself. I've lost count of the sewing machines I've killed over the years, LOL

Bizzi Hands said...

Oh My Goodness... I just dont know what to say apart from thank you so much..

Astrid's dragon said...

I love this blogging thing, thanks so much!!! I can't seem to sew either, but I have made a duvet cover and pillowcase - cross stitching is way easier! Looking forward to following your blog.

Joysze said...

YAY, congrats on all your stalkers. LOL!

VEGEMITE!!! I love it too. I used to eat it with a spoon. LOL!

Pumpkin said...

Isn't it fun seeing your stalkers increase in number???? :o) I'm like you, before I know it, hours have gone by and I'm still reading Blogs. LOL!

Congrats on your award! Looks like you deserved it :o)