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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WIP update - Jingles and more...

February has now ended and March has begun.... which means it's time for me to show you where I am at with Lizzie Kate's "Jingles".

I last showed you my progress on "Jingles" on 12th February:

Progress of Lizzie Kate's "Jingles" as at 12th February 2015

After a couple more stitching days during February, "Jingles" now looks like this:

Progress of Lizzie Kate's "Jingles" as at 4th March 2015

I was hoping to have finished this block by the end of February... but didn't quite get there!  My March update will hopefully be a picture of a finished block.

So what else has come out of the stitching basket this week?

Happy Owl O Ween - Needle Bling Designs

I started stitching this design in January as part of my January challenges.  This little owl is my March choice for the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL Blog.

When you last saw this little owl he wasn't very far along.... just the top of the pumpkin was stitched:

Happy Owl O Ween - progress as at 15 January 2015

Happy Owl O Ween - progress as at 4 March 2015

Now I have a whole pumpkin and I have even managed to get a little bit more stitched.... stitching one colour does seem to mean that I can get a bit more stitched in a shorter time frame!

Christmas Eve Couriers - Prancer: Nora Corbett

"Prancer" was my Day 3 start during the January challenges.  When you last saw "Prancer" he looked like this:

" Christmas Eve Couriers: Prancer" - progress as at 3 January 2015

I haven't had the chance to stitch on him since January, but I made up for it on Sunday!  I love the way the pinks are showing up on this beautiful fabric colour.

" Christmas Eve Couriers: Prancer" - progress as at 4 March 2015

That's it for today.... tonight "Comet' is coming out of the stitching basket for a bit of TLC.

Til next time, happy stitching ♥
Hugs xx

Saturday, February 28, 2015

More New Starts....

Yep, I have some more new starts to show you....  You would think that I had more than enough on my stitching plate with all the January new starts without starting anything else.... but no, I am a glutton for punishment or a serial starter - not sure which applies in this case!!

My first new start was at the beginning on the month but I keep forgetting to show you....

This is a Design Works kit called "Birdcage" that I have had sitting in my stash for sometime.  I had originally pulled it out as a possible new start for the January challenges but it just never seemed to get to the top of the pile.

Design Works kit
I know it isn't a very big start... in fact it really is only a tiny start but it does register as start in my book!  I swapped out the plain white Aida that was in the kit for a piece of fabric that I had in my stash.  The fabric is from Colour Cascade Fabrics and is called "Bed of Roses" (32 ct Belfast).  I am really looking forward to stitching this one, but I'm not sure about all the silver thread and sequins that will be included to get all that sparkle happening in the dress!

Second new start in February was for a mystery SAL that I signed up for in late December.  I didn't get this started before now as I needed a number of the threads including the dark blue for the border.

The "Deer and Grapes Mystery Sampler SAL" is designed by Jean Farish.  Jean has an Etsy store that you can purchase the most delightful designs from, including the Mystery SAL (I think it's still available).  She has set up a FB page for those of us that have purchased the SAL to that we can post our progress and keep in touch with her and the others that are stitching this lovely sampler.  So far part 1 and 2 have been released with part 3 due any day now.

This is as far as I have managed to get after a couple of stitching days in February...
"Deer & Grapes Mystery SAL"
Designer: Jean Farish
I am stitching this on a piece of "Autumn Glade" (32ct Lugana) from Stitches and Spice.  I have devised a rather cunning plan of marking off my stitches on the border as I go so that I don't mis-count!  Fingers crossed that plan works as I really don't want to be playing with my old friend the frog too much on this one!

And for my final new start in February I have a design that I started stitching as the February Theme for the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL Blog.  February's theme is "Skeletons".

Finding a skeleton that I liked wasn't that easy at first... but then I remembered a design that I had put on my "must stitch" list ever since I saw it in the Just Cross Stitch 2013 Halloween Special Edition magazine.

The design is from Praiseworthy Stitches and is called "Dancing in the Moonlight".  I am stitching this on a beautiful fabric called "Riders on the Storm" (32ct Belfast Opal) from Colour Cascade Fabrics.  I just love this design.  I started stitching this last weekend and worked on it until I got to a skeleton!  So here he is.... my skeleton!

"Dancing in the Moonlight"
Designer: Praiseworthy Stitches
Oops.... I just noticed that I haven't quite finished him... for some reason my brain said I had, but I now see I am missing a bit of the dark grey (DMC 3799) in his tummy.... Oh well....never mind I will sort him out when I pick him up again later in the month.

That's it for now... I think I have now caught up with all my latest new starts.  My next post will be my February "Jingles" update and then we will be into March!  Goodness where is the year going?

Til next time, happy stitching!
Hugs xx

Friday, February 27, 2015

Crazy January Challenges - Stitching Updates....

Remember all those lovely designs that I started stitching throughout January, well I have tried to make a big effort to keep stitching on them throughout February.  I did show you some of them in my stitching updates over the last couple of weeks - post link are here and here... and now I have some more for you.

Lizzie Kate's Tiny Tidings XV - "Feeling Festive"

When you last saw this little cute reindeer he looked like this:

Now he looks like this:

Lizzie Kate's Tiny Tidings XV - "Joyeux Noel"

Back in January, the second of the designs from this chart pack looked like this:

Now, it looks like this:

Slowly but surely these two are inching along....

The Trilogy - Halloween Sneak Peek

Back in January I left you with a little bit of a black border:

and today there is not much more to see.... just a tiny bit more of the black border!

Happy Howloween - Brooke Nolan (Brooke's Books)

I just love these two cuties (a cat dressed as a dog and vice versa!).... in January I left them looking like this:

Not a lot of progress happened when I picked this up again the other day... but at least the dog/cat is getting a pair legs!!

Don't you just love how different the fabric looks under different light and photo conditions!  The photo above is probably a lot closer to the real colour of the fabric than the one I took in January!

I have also been stitching on some new starts over February, but they will have to wait for another post!

♥ Thank you for all your lovely comments on my posts over the last few weeks... it is so nice to read your encouraging words. ♥

Til next time, Happy Stitching!
Hugs xx

Monday, February 23, 2015

TUSAL February 2015

I know, I'm late... again!  The New Moon was actually 18th February... but I just didn't seem to get around to taking a photo and posting in time!

So here we go with February's ORT report.... and since it's February, what do you think the ORT's have been doing?  Why celebrating Valentine's Day of course!
TUSAL February 2015
Hubby gave me the cute Forever Friend a few years ago and he normally sits on the dressing table in our bedroom... but I thought he deserved an outing and he is so very much a Valentine's Bear!

The ORT's jar is filling up already this year.  All that Crazy January stitching and follow on stitching in February has certainly helped fill the jar!

You may also be able to notice in the picture that I have received some more pretties from Gina's Fobs and Froggers!  As you can see from the pic below, Gina has excelled again with these gorgeous needle minders.  I just so love the pink frog and the sunflower..... think they are my favourites from this order....

New needle minders added to the growing collection!
There is one more order in transit.... and then I think I had better stay away from the FB page and stop looking as looking leads to buying!!  And with the exchange rate being so bad at the moment my credit card is looking very sad!!

So that's it for this post.... I will be back again tomorrow to show you what I have been stitching on over the last week... so stay tuned!

Til then, happy stitching!

If you don't know (or haven't heard) about the 2015 TUSAL, Daffycat is again hosting the fun Totally Useless SAL (TUSAL).  Essentially we stitch and save our ORT's (Old Raggety Threads) and every New Moon those of us participating in the TUSAL post a picture of our ORT's jar, and then leave little msgs for Daffycat on her blog to show that we have been stitching and have posted our wonderful pics.  Please head over to her sign up page and join in the fun!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Oops, I did it again....

Yep.... I have been spending some of my hard earned folding stuff again.... anyone would think that I am rolling in greenbacks, but I can assure I am certainly not doing that.... I just can't seem to stay away from pretty fabric sales and bling lately!

So what have I bought this time??

More fabric from Colour Cascade Fabrics!  Tammy had an Birthday sale and I just had to participate in that one to help her celebrate - it would have been rude not to after all!

The colours are from top left to right and then down left to right and so forth...

Oceans (32ct Belfast Opal); Pink Champagne  (32ct Belfast Opal); Hole in the Sky (28ct Laguna Opal); Silver Springs (32ct Belfast Opal); Gold Digger (32st Jobelan); Golden Touch (32ct Belfast)

Gold Digger and Silver Sands I had ear-marked for "At the Met" by Nora Corbett (not sure which one I will use yet)... but after seeing Golden Touch I might be changing my mind.... again!!

I also bought some more DMC thread so that I can finally get started on another SAL that I signed up for.... but more on that SAL in another post :o)

Now for the bling..... Gina's Fobs and Froggers will be my downfall I think.... I have received another order from Gina and have 2 more to come.... (hiding my head in shame as I think I have developed another addiction!......)  I have to stay off her FB page on a Sunday morning!

Gee, how cathartic is it to bare your stitching stash soul?  It's just as well I don't do the Stitching from Stash challenge... I would be failing left, right and centre on that one!!

That's it for this very quick stash baring post.... I will be back again in a day or so with my ORT report.

Til then, happy stashing!!
Hugs xx