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Thursday, May 26, 2016

May WIP Update....

Two posts in one day.... wow!  What has happened... well.. I am off work sick again - that's what happened!!

You know the old saying it never rains but it pours - well I think that is me at the moment!

I spent all of last Saturday and half of Sunday in the Emergency Department of our local hospital in the most agonising pain with my gallbladder!  They also hooked me up to a potassium drip for over 9 hrs as my potassium levels were really low.... I couldn't stitch til Saturday night when they unhooked me and then I didn't get much done as I wasn't feeling too flash!  Then on Sunday morning the hospital staff went into a spin as my liver levels had gone on a 24hr skyrocket ride!!  I think I was very lucky that they let me go home at all...

I go back to the Doctor tomorrow afternoon to check on what yesterday's ultrasound scan showed - although the Radiographer did tell me she could see a gallstone.... :o(

So I have been at home all week recovering and praying that the gallstone doesn't get stuck again.   Every twinge I get in my back/chest is freaking me out at the moment....

So while I worry about work.... and my health... I have managed to spend a bit more time stitching that I would normally get done during the week!

WIP updates.....

Queen of Peace - Nora Corbett

Christmas Test Drive - Mosey N Me
Almost done..... 
ABC Chats - F (Les Brodeuses Parisienne)
Stitched on this for "Stitchers in Red"SAL - 24 May 2016
These three are all part of my May starts for the Stitch Maynia SAL and hopefully before the end of May I will have at least one of them finished!

That's it for today... I am now going to go back to my couch and blanket for puppy cuddles and lots of afternoon stitching!

Til next time... happy stitching!
Hugs xx

Smalls SAL May 2016

Hosted by Stitching Lotus
Today is posting day for the Smalls SAL hosted by Stitching Lotus.  This month I don't have a lot to show you.... ;o(  That didn't take long did it - after that fantastic start last month!!

Anyway... here we go!

Finish #17
Trick or Treat - Pickle Barrel Designs
Just Cross Stitch - Halloween 2015 issue

Started 9 May 2016
Finished 18 May 2016
Stitched on a plain piece of 28ct linen using the called for DMC threads.  Nothing fancy about this one!

Only one finish so far this month - I am so close to finishing one more small but that will now be a hangover to next month's post (although you will see it in another post before then I am sure!)

I do have some WIP stitching to show you so I will be back again in the next couple of days with a final May stitching update.

Til then, happy Smalls stitching...
Hugs xx

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL 2016; IHSW Pt1; Stitch Maynia

Hello!  I'm back.... This post is a real Heinz variety post... it is a mix of Stitch Maynia, IHSW and Gifted Gorgeousness...

Stitch Maynia Update:
First up I will show you the last of my Stitch Maynia starts (Starts 10 - 15)

Day 10 - "Joyful World SAL - March" (Snowflower Diaries)

Day 11 - "Joyful World SAL - April" (Snowflower Diaries)

Day 12 - Christmas Card Freebie (Cross Stitch Crazy magazine)

Day 13 - Christmas Card Freebie (Cross Stitch Crazy magazine)

Day 14 - "Snow Story - Cold Hands" (Lizzie Kate)
Stitched on 32ct Belfast
"Into the Blue" from Stitches and Spice
Threads: Weeks Dye Works
Day 15 - Floral Bookmark - Cross Stitch Crazy Freebie
Designer: Kate Knight
So that's it... Stitch Maynia (my version....) is over for 2016 and I think I did pretty well in the end.  I managed to get some starts happening on some of the WIPs / SAL's that I am working on as well as starting a couple of small things that I will try and finish off in between WIP stitching over the next couple of months - which means I should be well on my way to starting and finishing 31 pieces before the end of the year :o)

Gifted Gorgeousness Stitching:
Now.... onto my GG update!  I have to say that this month I have very little offerings to show you :o(

I didn't stitch on any of my pieces that form the traditional part of my GG stitching... but I have a plan.... and I can tell you that the Kate Knight bookmark above is actually for my Mum as part of her birthday present.  So as I said... slim offerings this month but I at least I did have something to show you!

IHSW Part 1 Update:
Yes... that's right - Part 1!  Joysze organised for last weekend to be the first part of IHSW for May... the coming weekend is Part 2 (and is the weekend that is normally when it would be IHSW!).

My stitching on Friday, Saturday and Sunday you can see above!  I also did stitch on my Trick or Treat spider but forgot to take a photo of him after my Sunday stitching.  (He is nearly finished so I will just wait now til he is done)

So overall part 1 of May's IHSW went quite well!  I finally managed to start the Lizzie Kate "Snow Story" that I have been itching to start for months... even with all that white!!

So that's it for this update... told you it was a Heinz post :o)

Til next time, happy stitching
Jo from Serendipitous Stitching hosts the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL.  The GG SAL is about stitching charts/kits or using fabrics & threads that we have received as gifts, won in giveaways or anything that is intended be a gift or giveaway prize... or anything else that you can loosely use the word "gift" for!!  If you wish to sign up for this SAL, click on the button below or the button on my sidebar and you will be re-directed to Jo's blog.